Outreachy/Round 26

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Wikimedia will be taking part as a mentoring organization for Outreachy Round 26.

Outreachy mentors and alums at LibrePlanet

Program timeline[edit]

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January 16 at 16:00 UTC Initial applications open
February 6 at 16:00 UTC Initial application deadline
March 3 Project list finalized
March 6–April 3 Contribute to projects
May 4 at 16:00 UTC Accepted interns announced
May 29–August 25 Internship period

Accepted projects[edit]

Name Location Project Mentor(s) Updates
Abhishek Bhardwaj India Research imbalances in translation between languages on Wikipedia Adam Wight, Simulo, Kavitha A
  1. A very light introduction
  2. Everybody struggles: my journey of winning over my fears
  3. A dive deep into the problem that needs to be addressed.
Nathaly Toledo Venezuela Research imbalances in translation between languages on Wikipedia Adam Wight, Simulo, Kavitha A
  1. How I got accepted as an Outreachy intern, after being rejected by Wikimedia before
  2. Outreachy | Everyone struggles: on how my insecurity led to a major career realization
  3. Outreachy | Translation imbalances on the world’s largest Internet encyclopedia
  4. Outreachy | The internship ends; the job hunt starts
Sulagna Saha Bangladesh Write a Ruby gem for analyzing Wikidata edits Sage Ross, Will Kent
  1. Taking the first footstep toward Open Source thru Outreachy
  2. Behind the Code: Lessons from Building a Ruby Gem Library
  3. Unpacking My Experiences with an Open Source Project

Recommended steps for accepted interns[edit]

See Outreachy/Participants#Accepted_participants


We encourage applicants to communicate in the public streams and refrain from sending private emails/messages whenever possible. Open communication allows fellow applicants to learn from your questions. It also gives all community members a chance to answer your queries. This way, queries get answered sooner and the administrators do not become a bottleneck. Also see our communication tips.