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Trevor Parscal's Wikimedia Foundation Staff Photo

Trevor Parscal is the Head of Editing at the Wikimedia Foundation, and joined in October 2008.


MediaWiki Contributions[edit]

My commits can be viewed through the SVN or Git code review systems.


  • Vector is a skin, loosely based on Monobook, featuring a sleek UI and logical tab organization.
  • ResourceLoader is a JavaScript/CSS delivery system which greatly improves front-end performance and support for client software development.


Active Development
  • ArticleFeedback Lets users rate articles and view ratings.
  • ClickTracking tracks users' navigation around the wiki by monitoring each click they make.
  • PrefSwitch allows users to switch sets of preferences in a single click.
  • PrefStats displays statistics on user preferences about this extension.
  • UserDailyContribs stores daily user contributions as they are made.
  • Vector improves on the user interface elements of the Vector skin.
  • WikiEditor provides an extendable wikitext editing interface and many feature-providing modules.
  • LogEntry provides a way to add a single-line text input box to a page that will append the contents in a log-like fashion.
  • SearchBox provides a way to add a search form.
  • InputBox Refactored the code and fixed several bugs.
  • Drafts adds the ability to save a draft of an article on the server while editing.
  • ArticleEmblems provides a parser hook that collects and renders extra information about an article in the top corner.
  • CommunityVoice provides a collection of popular opinion collection tools for content in articles.
  • ClientSide provides a code generation utilities for HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  • DataCenter system for planning data-centers and tracking assets.