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MediaWiki developers and users[1] rely on several upstream and/or 3rd party projects for their architecture or processes. At the same time, they develop software projects used by others, which are downstream to them. These links define our location in the free software map, our neighbor communities, and the flows of feedback, patches, and contributors.

Let's identify our upstream projects, our neighbor communities, and the contributors that connect us with them.


This is a first step to improve our relations with other communities, to increase the contributions received, and our influence in the projects that matter to us.

Our mid-term goals include:

  • identify the projects where we want to see significant development, to the point of sending patches as well
  • identify the communities where Wikimedia should be regularly active and heard
  • identify the people in the Wikimedia and upstream communities that know each other and act as bridge
  • identify organizations and events we should get in touch and be part of
  • get involved in bigger development efforts regularly, become a regular FOSS player

Invented here[edit]

See Maintainers for all components, libraries, and extensions that we maintain and deploy with or around MediaWiki.

For a larger list of software projects that we publish see Wikimedia Open Source.

Other projects from the MediaWiki engineering community
Name & URL Description Language(s) Repository Bug tracker Main contacts Where we organise localisation of MediaWiki. PHP, Puppet phab:diffusion/GTWN/ in Phabricator, translatewiki:Support Nikerabbit (founder), Abijeet Patro (co-maintainer), Siebrand (co-maintainer), Raymond (MediaWiki updates responsible)
Pywikibot Python Wiki Robot Framework to automatize tasks Python Diffusion Phabricator (under "Pywikibot") xqt

More stuff (hundreds of projects) by fellow MediaWiki developers and Wikimedians is also listed at:

MediaWiki dependencies[edit]

Projects that we use server-side or client-side as part of MediaWiki core, or WMF-deployed extensions. See also key Wikimedia projects.

Upstream components
Name & URL Description Language(s) Repository Bug tracker Main contacts
GNU diff and diff3 Powers recent changes, history and undo button (i.e. most editing features).
Elasticsearch Distributed real-time search and analytics engine. Java GitHub GitHub
jQuery Lots of DOM traversing, and other DOM-related helpers, for JavaScript. JavaScript GitHub GitHub OpenJS Foundation, Timo Tijhof
jQuery UI Simple widgets for client-side UIs. Deprecated within MediaWiki. JavaScript GitHub OpenJS Foundation, Timo Tijhof
Vue.js Vue is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. JavaScript GitHub GitHub
Unihan Database For Chinese language conversion Used as database
Smart Common Input Method For Chinese language conversion Used as database
libtabe For Chinese language conversion Used as database
ImageMagick general purpose image scaling C No repo ImageMagick.tar.gz Forum
Lua Scripting language C
ACE Web based code editor JavaScript, HTML GitHub GitHub User:TheDJ (has signed contributor license)
VIPS Image scaling of large images (VipsScaler) GitHub GitHub User:Bryan
libRsvg PNG renderer for SVG images C GNOME git GNOME Gitlab (Wikimedia tagged issues)
MathJax Math rendering in HTML/SVG/MathML; used by Math extension JavaScript GitHub GitHub
CodeMirror a browser based text editor (Used by the CodeMirror extension to provide syntax highlighting in the 2010 wikitext editor.) JavaScript GitHub GitHub; GitHub (for version 6)
FFmpeg Video conversion and scaling C ffmpeg ffmpeg
MWLib mediawiki parser and converter Python GitHub GitHub Syntax highlighting Python Bitbucket Bitbucket
Unicode CLDR (Common Locale Data Repository) All we manage to take: language names, plural rules, language-territory information, ... [1] Nemo (CLDR Survey Tool manager)
CLDRPluralRuleParser Plural support based on CLDR JavaScript GitHub GitHub Santhosh Thottingal
Apertium Free software, rule-based machine translation; used by Translate, ContentTranslation and others. Soureforge [2] Francis Tyers, Firespeaker, Unhammer
Ceph Distributed storage system C++ GitHub Ceph
GlusterFS Distributed file system [3]
Leaflet Maps on Mobile JavaScript [4]
Lilypond used by the Score extension
MariaDB Relational database. [5]
memcached GitHub [6]
multilightbox used by Extension:MultimediaViewer [7]
MySQL Relational database. [8]
PHP Programming language that MediaWiki is written in [9]
Rangy JavaScript range and selection library, used by VisualEditor [10]
Swift Distributed storage system [11]
lightncandy HTML templating (mustache and handlebars) in PHP PHP GitHub GitHub EBernhardson, Kaldari
Composer Dependency manager for PHP libraries - used for managing MediaWiki libraries and CI PHP GitHub Legoktm, Bryan Davis, Reedy
Blazegraph RDF-graph database supporting RDF and SPARQL - used by WDQS Java Jira / GitHub
Zotero translators Used by Citoid to generate citation data from a URL or other identifier JavaScript GitHub GitHub
Video.js Used by TimedMediaHandler as an audio/video player interface JavaScript GitHub GitHub Brion VIBBER and TheDJ

Development and operations[edit]

Projects that make up part of our development process to operate the production cluster itself. They are installed on Wikimedia servers and are used in the release process of key Wikimedia projects.

Upstream tools
Name & URL Description Language(s) Repository Bug tracker Main contacts
Jenkins Continuous integration Java GitHub Jira (CD Foundation), Hashar, MarkTraceur
Jenkins Job Builder Job creation system Python Git Openstack Storyboard (OpenStack), Hashar, MarkTraceur
Zuul Gerrit/Jenkins bridge trigger Python Git Openstack Storyboard (OpenStack), Hashar, MarkTraceur
Gerrit Code review tool Java Gerrit Monorail (Google), QChris
Etherpad Lite Real-time collaborative document editing JavaScript (Node.js) GitHub GitHub MarkTraceur, Mutante
PHPUnit Unit testing framework for PHP PHP GitHub GitHub
Node.js Programming language, e.g. used by ESLint, and Karma. C++, JavaScript GitHub GitHub OpenJS Foundation, Timo Tijhof
QUnit Unit testing framework for JavaScript. JavaScript GitHub GitHub OpenJS Foundation, Timo Tijhof
Doxygen Documentation generation C++, PHP GitHub GitHub Timo Tijhof
Karma Automation for running unit tests in web browsers and capturing their results. JavaScript GitHub GitHub (Google), Timo Tijhof
Grunt Task runner for build and test scripts. JavaScript GitHub GitHub (jQuery Foundation)
Vagrant GitHub GitHub (HashiCorp)
Logstash A tool that can be used to collect, process and forward events and log messages JRuby GitHub Jira (Elastic), bd808
Kibana A browser based analytics and search interface for Elasticsearch that was developed primarily to view Logstash event data JavaScript GitHub GitHub (Elastic), bd808
Graphite/Carbon Real-time graphing system and time series Python GitHub GitHub
Grafana Metrics visualisation Go, JavaScript GitHub GitHub
JSDuck Static site generator for documentation. Ruby GitHub GitHub
Mailman suite Mailing list server / management (see also Mailing lists administration) Python GitLab GitLab Legoktm, Ladsgroup
git-review Command line tool for using Gerrit Git [12] (OpenStack),
Phabricator Task tracker and software development tool used by Wikimedia, see PHP #phabricator-upstream and Andre Klapper
PHP CodeSniffer Continuous integration PHP GitHub GitHub Legoktm
Phan Continuous integration PHP GitHub GitHub
Selenium Automated Browser Testing [13]
Debian Free Operating System used on all production servers and cloud VPS instances. various [14] [15] multiple Debian devs in SRE, Legoktm
Let's Encrypt non-profit certificate authority - used for TLS (SSL) certificates for many services github/letsencrypt SRE Traffic team
Apache Trafficserver (ATS) Reverse proxy and forward proxy server C++ GitHub GitHub SRE Traffic team
Varnish Reverse proxy server [16]
nginx Reverse proxy / web server [17]
Puppet Configuration management system. Ruby GitHub Jira Wikimedia SRE
RT (Request Tracker) Ticket system used by Wikimedia Operations team [18]
Icinga Network system monitoring ( [19]
Znuny Ticket system used for answering queries, see Znuny: [20]
CiviCRM Used for WMF Fundraising (now upstreaming patches) [21]
WordPress PHP Trac (mailing lists)
Rawdog etc Python
Django Python web framework Python
OpenStack Nova OpenStack compute service. Python OpenStack GitHub Launchpad Wikimedia Cloud Services team
OpenStack Neutron OpenStack software-defined-networking service. Python OpenStack GitHub Launchpad Wikimedia Cloud Services team
OpenStack Glance OpenStack image service. Python OpenStack GitHub Launchpad Wikimedia Cloud Services team
OpenStack Keystone OpenStack identity service. Python OpenStack GitHub Launchpad Wikimedia Cloud Services team
OpenStack Swift OpenStack object storage service. Python OpenStack GitHub Launchpad Wikimedia SRE
Kubernetes Cloud platform for running containers Go Kubernetes GitHub Kubernetes issues on GitHub Wikimedia SRE and Wikimedia Cloud Services team
Linux Kernel The core that runs all of our servers C Git source tree TBD, probably better to use the Debian BTS. Wikimedia SRE and Wikimedia Cloud Services team and others.
Netfilter Linux packet filtering framework C Netfilter source repositories Netfilter bugzilla Wikimedia SRE and Wikimedia Cloud Services team and others.
Son of Grid Engine Distributed and scheduled computing platform Several SGE source repositories SGE mailing list Wikimedia Cloud Services team
AJV (Another JSON Schema Validator) JSONSchema Validator that powers WMF's streaming Event Platform components like EventGate and schema repositories. NodeJS AJV GitHub AJV issues on GitHub Wikimedia Data Engineering and MediaWiki Platform Team
Apache Superset Dashboarding and data exploration tool Python Superset GitHub Wikimedia Data Engineering
Turnilo Data exploration tool JavaScript Turnilo GitHub Wikimedia Data Engineering
libtiff tiffinfo; see e.g. phab:T269908 C libtiff GitHub
(what else?)


Integrated on Wikimedia projects[edit]

Projects that are used in some way (embedding, linking) with Wikimedia projects, but operated by volunteers e.g. in Wikimedia Cloud or Toolforge.

Upstream tools
Name & URL Description Language(s) Repository Bug tracker Main contacts
IIPImage Viewing and zooming of ultra high-resolution images (linked by default on Wikimedia Commons) C++ SourceForge SourceForge
Tesseract OCR Automated text recognition (OCR) C++ GitHub GitHub Stefan Weil
Hundreds of other packages on Tools
(what else?)

Editing tools[edit]

Applications commonly used by developers or editors. For a full listing, see the lists m:Open Source Toolset, m:FLOSS-Exchange, d:Q6584911.

Upstream tools
Name & URL Description Language(s) Repository Bug tracker Main contacts
Multimedia software and SVG tools Software used to contribute/work on multimedia in MediaWiki wikis, like Inkscape and GIMP. May play well with MediaWiki or not.
LibreOffice (formerly OpenOffice) Productivity suite, can e.g. produce charts and export/publish documents to wikitext (via libreoffice-wiki-publisher). [22]
Browser spellcheckers Aiding editors to prevent errors before they're saved. Over 120 in Firefox, see respective descriptions.
KIPI uploader and other third party upload tools Multimedia contribution software by third parties, usually made for integration in their software (e.g. digiKam, Gwenview).
(what else?)

Web browsers[edit]

See also: Compatibility

Name & URL Description Language(s) Repository Bug tracker Main contacts
Chrome Browser by Google (Wikimedia issues are specifically tracked) Performance Team
Firefox Browser by Mozilla Performance Team
Opera Browser by Opera Software
Internet Explorer Browser by Microsoft
Safari Browser by Apple
(what else?)


  1. For instance, whether volunteers or for work: maintainers and contributors of MediaWiki core and extensions and other developers; Wikimedia projects editors and sysadmins; sysadmins of MediaWiki wikis.

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