I'm Bryan from Wikimedia Commons, not to be confused with Brion. I am however a MediaWiki developer as well with commit access to SVN. My areas of interest are mostly the API, media, files and uploading.

In real life I'm a rocket/space engineering student and currently working on my MSc thesis. This has as consequence unfortunately that my MediaWiki contributions are a bit on a lower priority.

Other info:

  • Languages: nl-N, en-3, de-1, fr-1
  • Licensing: All text contributions to this wiki have been, or are hereby released in the public domain.

Interesting bugs[edit]

When I have time:

  • bugzilla:488: Upload more than one file at a time. Bulk uploading option. Work-arounds: Perl script, Java stand-alone program Commonist.
  • bugzilla:2537: Ability to preview summary in "Upload file" page.

Other things[edit]