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Can't get access to my e-mail and it says my login doesn't exist.

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Hi. When I try to log in on other device or Elvenar wiki it says that my login doesn't exist. I have it open on my computer all the time and that is how I play. I can't ask for my info sent to my mail, because I don't have it anymore. What can I do in this situation? Can I attach another e-mail to this account?


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Trying to retrieve login details

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HI Bryan,

We have created a wiki page with an associated page and I would like to login to update some information on the page which I created but it says the email we used for sign up is incorrect which I believe should be correct. How do I go about with retrieving this information. I have already tried to send it to the email which I signed up with but still not receiving anything. Can you please help.

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Mediawiki session idle time, automatic logout when navigating to other page

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Bryan, I'm having the same problem; setting $wgCookieExpiration=2592000 as recommended, which is 30 days, didn't help either even it looks like there is an impact on sessions duration time, which is a bit longer now. I thought sessions are automatically stored in the cache; or how can you prevent sessions from being stored? Do you think this would solve the problem? -- Danke!

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mwclient accessing page history for dynamic pages

Wikipositivist (talkcontribs)

hello bryan i am trying to use mwclient to download full article history for some pages but i can't get mwclient to get the page_title dynamically site ='') page =['string') // i am trying to get something equivalent to'%s') % (variable) or i am also unsure about how to download the full history, for i am only able to retrieve the revisions using page.revisions() is that possible? Wikipositivist 20:43, 29 June 2011 (UTC)

Bryan (talkcontribs)[variable] ? (talkcontribs)

since i have a list of pages to look up (which i obtained from a query), i was actually hoping to get the following working str = cursor.fetchall(query) page = site.Pages[str] (talkcontribs)

correction to above: cursor.fetchall(query) for p in str: site.pages[p] (talkcontribs)

The return value of cursor.fetchall() is a tuple, so you should use p[0]. (talkcontribs)
SwJ (talkcontribs)

in other words, I wanted to know if it is possible to obtain the equivalent of a special export of the text and history of page. page.revisions() gives me the history & I was needing to get the text as well

Also I was wondering if anyone could help me find a way to obtain the 'currentstatus' of articles (currenstatus could be FA, GA, GAN etc.), the currentstatus info seems to be accessible only through the text table

Bryan (talkcontribs)

Not really. You could look at the categories. (talkcontribs)

Hi Bryan, I am working with mwclient as I am updating a bot (ProteinBoxBot). I continue to get the error 'Site' object has no attribute 'conn' and I cannot find where or how to fix this. Can you help me?


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Nemo bis (talkcontribs)

Hello! «Bryan Tong Minh will be working with the upstream developers on fixing the problems we found during the test deployment.» What's the status of this? Who's working on benchmarks?

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Want to help review code for MediaWiki?

Sumanah (talkcontribs)

Just wanted to let you know that anyone can review code in Gerrit, but Git/Gerrit project ownership is where you can ask for the ability to merge code into the main branch. Hope this is helpful!

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Installation of Extension:GlobalUsage

1 (talkcontribs)

Can you explain in more detail what line 2. of your installation instructions means. Please assume I know very little, especially about sql setup.

Source GlobalUsage.sql: php maintenance/sql.php extensions/GlobalUsage/GlobalUsage.sql Note: do this from the wiki installation where you want the GlobalUsage data to be located. Typically this is your shared image repository. Running update.php on that wiki will also create the table.

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GlobalUsage - No command line access

Llamaggot (talkcontribs)

Hi Bryan,

Sorry to bother you, but I have been trying to install the GlobalUsage extension for weeks, which I haven't been able to do so far as I have no command line access. I was able to circumvent step 2 of the installation process by copying the SQL query in phpMyAdmin, but I now have to run refreshGlobalimagelinks.php, which cannot be done from the browser. Is there any way to run this script without a command line access?

Thanks a lot for your help,

Bryan (talkcontribs)

Unfortunately the script does some rather complicated stuff. You could try to determine what the queries are, by running the script on a local host and watching the query log.


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Forentw (talkcontribs)

Hello Bryan, thanks for your TrustedMath extension. I am running a small wiki on a ftp-access-only server and a local copy on Windows laptop for testing and off-line access. Is it ok for you when I use your extension code as a (cited) base for mimetex usage? And post the code at mw:LaTeX_on_a_shared_host? Forentw 00:28, 9 January 2012 (UTC)

Bryan (talkcontribs)


You are of course allowed to use my extensions as basis for anything else.

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Choshi (talkcontribs)

Hi Bryan, I saw your comment on Extension:SpecialForm. Do you know how to fix this? The author's last edit was in 2008. I'm familiar with programming and could follow directions if given.

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