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Requests for comment (RFCs) are a tool that MediaWiki developers and users use to propose ideas for the future of MediaWiki. The developer community strives to achieve consensus, guided by the Wikimedia Technical Committee (TechCom). Since 2015 the status of TechCom RFCs is tracked on the TechCom-RFC workboard in Phabricator.

RFCs are usually only for proposing major changes to MediaWiki core, or to extensions that are already widely used, that may represent a new precedent not covered by our architecture guidelines. If you wish to create a new MediaWiki extensionMediaWiki extensions, or to make a minor core change, or one that will be likely to uncontroversial, there is no need to draft an RFC for it; go ahead and file a task in phabricator, implement your change, and submit it in Gerrit for review. If you need advice on design decisions pertaining to such ideas, there are several other communication venues for making people aware of your proposal. See also planning a new extension.

If you want to propose an architectural or large change, consult the Request for comment process, then Create a new RFC on Phabricator.

Old RfCs[edit]

RfCs started in 2015 or later are tracked in Phabricator (list). Older RfCs can be found in the Requests for comment category; for some easier-to-scan partial lists see here and here.