Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2012-10-24

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ECT 2012-10-24 Attending: Sumana, Guillaume, Chris, Andre, RobLa

List of projects[edit]

  • Testing infrastructure/automation
  • Automated tests
  • Beta Labs
  • Feature testing efforts
  • 20% time wrangling
  • 1.21 deployment
  • Bug triage
  • Bugzilla application management
  • Monthly report
  • Communications support
  • Technical communications
  • Recruiting/hiring
  • Hackathons/events (future)
    • Conferences in general
  • Gerrit project owner groups
  • Recruitment/encouragement
    • GSoC
  • Dev community metrics

Who's doing what (this week)[edit]

Chris: Automated tests with Zeljko and Michelle. Feature testing efforts, beta labs Guillaume: technical communications, incorporation process, monthly report, communications support Sumana: 20% time replacement proposal, Grace Hopper followup, volunteer encouragement, rampup for incoming ECT people, bug triage, hiring help Andre: Bugzilla app management, bug triage, ramp up

Feature testing efforts[edit]

Discussing VE testing, particular focus on IE versions and automation. Mobile test strategy, including trying to get support for Mobile Frontend on beta labs.

Automated tests[edit]

Browser: Code is in gerrit now. Because we're using cloudbees/Sauce (for now, and likely into the future, pending the ability to make the hosted Jenkins instance a slave of the WMF Jenkins), we have running tests for Android/iPhone/iPad, but they need refactoring to make them pass. Michelle working closely with Mobile team, drafting regression test suite, beginning automation Watching OS upgrades to gerrit and Jenkins hosts, figuring out Jenkins slave host arrangements

Beta labs[edit]

Outstanding requests to support Mobile FrontEnd, E3, etc. in beta labs, will be exploring that with Antoine. Follow up on Mobile Frontend support in beta labs. OS upgrades to gerrit and Jenkins hosts will enable zuul to work, which will enable deploying to beta labs with Jenkins jobs.

20% time wrangling[edit]

Sumana needs to publish proposal - this week! Started at

1.21 deployment[edit] Andre concentrating on finding recent bugs that sprang out of deployments Zelkjo has begun a smoke test for pre-deploy checking on test2wiki, more discussion of that this week. Lots of infrastructure stuff to deal with

Bug triage[edit]

Andre's starting on this Catching up, discussing things in SF usual gruntwork (triaging and cleaning up), rewrite documentation, discuss bug prioritization & product management, prioritize feedback channels might be useful to Andre

Bugzilla application management[edit]

also see many small bits and things, maybe give 4.2.3 a shot on a Labs machine, depends on Ops time

Sumana recommends using the IRC channel for support

We upgraded BZ to 4.0.8

Communications support[edit]

Guillaume reviewing blog posts etc.

Monthly report[edit]

This week is monthly report week, please add your status updates now:

Technical communications[edit]

Strategy is at ; need to finish cleaning up and updating input welcome, more specifically on the "Vision" and the "How to get there" sections. Bold edits are fine, talk page comments are great. Outreach has begun, for now on en & fr; good discussion on enwp already


Look through your LinkedIn & find a few candidates for mobile especially

Hackathons/events (Bangalore & the future)[edit]

Sumana needs to publicize Amsterdam event

Conferences in general[edit]

Sumana: Grace Hopper followup

  • Sumana to write blog post

Filipin: preparing for CITCON Budapest conference Oct. 19 and Amsterdam Wikipedia hackathon with Antoine and Timo Nov 9 (hack on Jenkins, Gerrit, beta cluster, etc.)

  • Chris to lead writing some objectives for the event
  • CI Summit Netherlands prep with Zeljko

Gerrit project owner groups[edit] Sumana managing


Sumana reaching out Sumana working on maintainership document, CoC (long run)


Now GSoC 2012 is in maintenance mode In November, will start trying to get more future students interested, do more retrospective on what's worth it/what to do next time Sent out Google Code-In proposal

Dev community metrics[edit]

Quim volunteering on this; see the Ohloh aggregation


Sumana: SF in Oct 17-28 Andre: SF in Oct 17-27 Guillaume: Semi-vacations in November (i.e. a few days a week spread out on a few weeks; should minimize disruption); should have dates to submit for approval this week Chris: vacation Nov 9 Fundraiser may start early Nov Zeljko: Wikimedia Netherlands Hackathon + CI Summit with Antoine and Timo starting Nov 6