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This page is a translated version of the page Reading/Web/Desktop Improvements and the translation is 16% complete.
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Прошло 10 лет с момента развертывания текущей темы оформления Викимедиа по умолчанию (Векторное). За последнее десятилетие интерфейс дополнился расширениями, гаджетами и пользовательскими скриптами. Большинство из них не были согласованы визуально или на разных вики. В то же время веб-дизайн, а также ожидания читателей и редакторов претерпели изменения. Мы считаем, что пришло время взять некоторые из этих идей и реализовать их по умолчанию для всех пользователей на всех вики, организованным и последовательным образом. В течение следующих нескольких лет команда читателей по вебу будет исследовать и создавать улучшения для версии сайта для настольных компьютеров на основе исследований и существующих инструментов.

Мы стремимся сделать вики-сайты более приветливыми, повысить их полезность для читателей и сохранить полезность для существующих редакторов. Мы будем измерять рост доверия и положительных настроений по отношению к нашим сайтам, а также полезность наших сайтов (использование частых действий, таких как поиск или переключение языка).

Initially, on most wikis, only logged-in users will be able to opt-in individually. On selected wikis, our changes will be deployed for all by default, and logged-in users will be able to opt-out. We are hoping to increase the set of early adopter wikis gradually, until our improvements are default on all wikis in 2021.


September 2020: New location of search bar now available on all wikis

We have deployed the new location of the search functionality to all projects. The new location is available by default for anonymous users on our early adopter wikis, and by preference for all other users.

We are also performing an A/B test of the new location with logged-in users on our early adopter wikis. 50% of logged-in users are seeing the new experience, while the other 50% are seeing the old experience. This test will last two weeks. Our hypothesis is that the group with the new experience will search more frequently. Results will be available in approximately one month.

July 2020: Collapsible sidebar, maximum width, and new header now available to all users on euwiki, fawiki, frwiktionary, euwiki, and ptwikiversity

Basque, Farsi, and Hebrew Wikipedias, as well as French Wiktionary and Portuguese Wikiversity have now received the new version of the Vector skin by default. For now, these changes include the collapsible sidebar, maximum width, and new header. For feedback and questions - please head to our talk page.

July 2020: Collapsible sidebar, maximum width, and new header now available as a preference to all projects

We have now deployed our collapsible sidebar, maximum width, and new header to all projects as a user preference. To opt-in - go to the appearance tab on your preferences page and uncheck the "legacy vector" option. Once opted in, you will receive all future updates as soon as they are ready. For feedback and questions - please head to our talk page.

Our first change, a collapsible sidebar, allows users to collapse the lengthy menu on the left side of the page. We believe this change improves usability by allowing people to focus on the content itself - on reading, editing, or moderating.

Our second change introduces a maximum line width to our content on pages such as article pages and discussion pages. Studies have shown that limiting the width can lead to better retention of content, as well as a decrease in eye strain. (please review our FAQ for a list of the literature reviewed)

What is our purpose?

Представьте гардероб.

Currently, the interface…

…doesn't match the expectations.…is cluttered and not intuitive.…doesn't highlight the community side.…isn't consistent with the mobile version.

  1. The desktop interface does not match the expectations created by the modern web platforms. It feels disorienting and disconnected. Navigation and interface links are organized haphazardly.
  2. There is clutter that distracts users from focusing on what they came for. It is challenging for readers to focus on the content. It is not possible for them to intuitively switch languages, search for content, or adjust reading settings. New editors are unable to use their intuition to set up their account, open the editor, or learn how to use non-article pages for moderation purposes.
  3. A very small percentage of readers understand how Wikimedia wikis function. Many readers are not aware that the content they are reading is written by volunteers and updated frequently, or that they can potentially contribute as well.
  4. The large difference in experiences among our desktop interface, apps, and the mobile web, makes it difficult for readers to connect our products. There is a lack of unity in the concept of Wikimedia sites.

How the changes will be made


We will not touch the content.We will not remove any functionality.We are inspired by the existing gadgets.We will not make major changes in single steps.We will not touch other skins than Vector.

  1. We are working on the interface only. No work will be done in terms of styling templates, the structure of page contents, map support, or cross-wiki templates.
  2. Elements of the interface might move around, but all navigational items and other functionality currently available by default will remain.
  3. We have analysed many wikis and have noticed many useful gadgets. Some of them definitely deserve to be surfaced and be a part of default experience.
  4. Though our changes are easily noticeable, we are taking an evolutionary approach and want the site to continue feeling familiar to readers and editors. Each feature is discussed, developed, and deployed separately.
  5. Skins other than Vector are out of the scope of our adjustments. We have frozen Vector to Legacy Vector, and begun deploying our features as parts of the new default Vector.

Deployment plan and timeline

Test our features individually,share feedback,and join our early adopter wikis!

  1. It is our intention to test our improvements in collaboration with a diverse set of volunteering early adopter wikis, both Wikipedias and sister projects.
  2. Both prior to development and after deployment, we will be collecting data (via A/B testing, prototype feedback rounds, etc.). In the case of significantly negative results, we will roll back our changes.
  3. First three features (the new header, collapsible sidebar, and limiting content width) were deployed in July 2020. Our hope is to develop a few more features until the end of 2020.
  4. Our second large feature, an improved search widget, will be deployed to early adopter wikis in January, 2021
  5. We are hoping to increase the set of early adopter wikis gradually, until our improvements are default on all wikis in 2021.

List of early adopter wikis (test wikis)

What features will be added

We have not created a complete, detailed product specification. Each feature will be built and implemented separately, over time. Features which have been created are still being adjusted and improved. Our decisions are based on community feedback, user testing, and extracted API data.