Membaca/Sesawang/Penambahbaikan Atas Meja/Pengujian prototaip kedua

This page is a translated version of the page Reading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Second prototype testing and the translation is 18% complete.


  1. Please open the prototype in a new tab (on a desktop or laptop computer).
  2. Create a new section on this page using the form below (it will be pre-filled with the questions for you to respond to).
  3. Fill in your feedback about the prototype in your newly created section.

ⓘ If you would prefer to send feedback via email, please contact Olga Vasileva at

⚠ Keep in mind that since this is a prototype most of the links don’t actually work, and there might be other bugs or quirks that you’ll come across.

⚠ The "new section form" unfortunately isn't compatible with the VisualEditor (VE). If you are using the VisualEditor, please manually create a new section and copy & paste the feedback questions (listed below).

⚠ While testing, we would like you to focus on the new presentation of a sticky header as well as the new presentation of the user tools at the top of the page. However, feedback and ideas of all types and on any functionality are also welcome.

Pratinjau Soalan Umpan Balik

  1. Take a minute to look around, scroll up and down the page, look at a few different pages. What are some of your initial impressions? Do you find anything confusing? Convenient? Particularly interesting? (Keep in mind that since this is a prototype some of the links might not work, and there might be other bugs or quirks that you’ll come across.)
  2. Scroll down the page slowly. Now scroll back up a bit. What do you notice? What do you think of this experience?
    1. Are the features shown here useful to you? Are there any features that are particularly useful to have access to throughout reading or editing?
    2. Are there any features you would like access to that are not available in the new header?
  3. Now, scroll back to the very top of the page. Imagine you would like to go to your preferences page. Can you figure out how to do that? What do you think of this experience?
  4. Please add any final thoughts, ideas, or questions.