Google Summer of Code/2013


Google Summer of Code is the most popular among the open source mentorship programs in which the Wikimedia Foundation gets involved. In 2013, Wikimedia participated with 20 projects; see status.

You can find more information, FAQs and tutorials for students, mentors and org admins in the official website.

Check out also the FOSS Outreach Program for Women. Both programs were run in parallel.


This list is not current; see Google Summer of Code past projects#2013.

The first mentor listed is the primary mentor.

You can also check the official list of projects at the GSoC website.

Name Location Updates Project Mentor(s) #Bug
Aarti Dwivedi (Rtdwivedi) Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India Submitted patches

June report:OK

July report: OK

August report (Aarti)
Mid-term evaluation: OK (Tpt)

Refactoring of ProofreadPage extension Tpt and Zaran 46616
Anubhav Agarwal (Anubhav_iitr) New Delhi, Delhi, India Submitted Patches

June report:OK

July report : OK

August report : OK

Midterm Evaluation: OK

Bayesian Spam Filter Extension for MediaWiki Platonides and Chris Steipp 47207
Harsh Kothari (Harsh4101991) Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India Developed TwitterCards Extension Language Coverage Matrix Dashboard Runa Bhattacharjee and Alolita Sharma 46651
Himeshi De Silva (Himeshi) Colombo, Sri Lanka Patch for bug 47606 Section handling in Semantic forms Yaron Koren 46662
Jiabao Wu Australia VisualEditor Mathematical Editor Plugin Peter Krautzberger (MathJax) and Roan Kattouw 43058
Kiran Mathew Koshy (Kiran_mathew_1993) Kerala, India feature request ZIM incremental updates for Kiwix Emmanuel 'Kelson' Engelhart and Tommi 'tntnet' Mäkitalo 47406
Liangent China gerrit / gerrit-review Wikidata language fallback and conversion Denny Vrandečić and Katie Filbert 37461 36430
Molly White (GorillaWarfare) Boston, Massachusetts, USA See submitted patches. Improve support for book structures Raylton P. Sousa and Mwalker 15071
Moriel Schottlender (Mooeypoo) NYC, NY, USA (Originally Israel) gerrit / jQuery.IME GitHub MediaWiki VisualEditor RTL support Amir E. Aharoni and Inez Korczynski 33126
Nazmul Chowdhury (Rasel160) Brooklyn, New York, USA gerrit / gerrit-review UploadWizard: Book upload customization MarkTraceur and Micru 47561
Or Sagi (Orsagi) Tel-Aviv, Israel A similar project for iOS

Bonding: OK

June Report: OK

July Report: OK

August Report: OK

Final Report: OK

Android app for MediaWiki translation Niklas Laxström, Yuvaraj Pandian 47783
Petr Onderka (Svick) Prague, Czech Republic gerrit, github Incremental data dumps Ariel Glenn and Tyler Romeo 28956
Pragun Bhutani (Pragunbhutani) Gurgaon, India Code not in gerrit [1] Mobilizing Wikidata Katie Filbert and Jon Robson 43065
Praveen Singh (Prageck) New Delhi, India Submitted patches

Bonding: OK

June Report: OK

July Report: OK

Mid-term Evaluation: OK

August Report: OK

jQuery.IME extensions for Firefox and Chrome Santhosh Thottingal and Amir E. Aharoni 46647
Rahul Maliakkal (Rahul21) Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Patches Submitted
Bonding: OK

June Report: OK
July Report: OK
August Report: OK

Mid-term evaluation: OK

Pronunciation Recording Tool Michael Dale and Matt Flaschen. 46610
Richa Jain (Rjain) Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India A few patches submitted.

June Report: OK

July Report: Ok

August Report: Ok

Mid-term evaluation: OK (Matt Flaschen)

Prototyping inline comments (Extension:Annotator) Matthew Flaschen and Tyler Romeo 46440
Rohan Verma (Clancer) Canberra, Australia gerrit
  • Bonding: OK
  • June Report: OK
  • Mid-term evaluation: OK (Jan)
MediaWiki-Moodle extension Jan Luca Naumann and Brian Wolff 47381
Tongbo S. Beijing, China Patches to the related bug report. VisualEditor plugin for source code (SyntaxHighlight GeSHi support) Trevor Parscal and James Forrester 47742

Name Location Updates Project Mentor(s) #Bug
Nilesh Chakraborty (Nilesh) Kolkata, India Working on the Entity Suggester, tracking code in this gerrit repository

Bonding : OK

June report: OK

July report: OK

Mid-term evaluation: OK

Wikidata Entity Suggester Daniel Kinzler, Denny 46555, 45351
Yevheniy Vlasenko (Zhenya) Ukraine, Chernihiv Contributed to Extension:SocialProfile Improvement of glossary tools Yury Katkov and Stephan Gambke 47981


Following the GSoC calendar, until June 17 we are in the community bonding period: Students get to know mentors, read documentation, get up to speed to begin working on their projects.

The bonding also goes for mentors, who need to get familiar with their student and their duties as GSoC mentors.

We will organize a virtual meetup inviting all students and mentors, open to the rest of the community. Stay tuned.

Community bonding period[edit]

By June 1st

We are working on a post for the Wikimedia tech blog where we will link to the user profiles and project pages of all GSoC and OPW students. You can help!

We will also include these links in the Mentorship programs monthly report, and this is why the deadline is important.

  • Make sure your profile is up to date.
  • Include one short paragraph introducing yourself and your expectations about your GSoC project. We will add it to the blog post.
  • All the better if you include a casual landscape picture of yourself in the actual place where you will work on your GSoC project. We will also include these pictures to the blog post. You can upload the picture to using the web interface or the Commons mobile app.

By June 17th

  • You have a good intro of your project at the GSoC website that is descriptive, looks good and links to your full project page at
  • You have setup your development environment and you are confident of having read and understood the relevant documentation for your project.
  • You are subscribed to wikitech-l, following at least all GSoC related threads.
    • If there is a specific mailing list relevant to your project (mediawiki-i18n, wikidata-tech, offline-l, mobile-l, xmldatadumps-l, semediawiki-devel) you are also subscribed and following.
  • You have agreed the way of working with your mentors (code, bugs, updates, regular communication), it is based on public community channels and documented in your full project page at
  • You have posted a comment in the bug report related to your project explaining the current status and next steps.
  • You are aware that you can watch pages and enable notifications to your user preferences.

After completing this checklist please add "Bonding: OK" to the Updates column of the table above. Then you can wait until June 17th or you can start coding right away!


By end of June

By end of July

  • Monthly report. Linking from monthly report and table just like before.
  • Mentors: Mid-term evaluation. After submitting it, add "Mid-term evaluation: OK" to your row in the table.

By end of August

  • Monthly report, same as before.

By end of September

  • Final report.

GSoC Mentors Summit[edit]

The GSoC Mentors Summit will be held at the Mountain View Google campus on October 19 & 20. The 2 slots given to Wikimedia will be taken by Aude and Micru (background). Qgil is in the waiting list.


The people in charge of applying to GSoC, running the program and assist mentors and students in anything beyond their projects.

Our plans take into consideration the lessons learned in 2012 and the DOs and DON’Ts - Org Admin Edition.

IRC logs & stuff[edit]

2013-06-26 GSoC / OPW allhands meeting IRC log

<qgil> Hello everybody to this Google Summer of Code / FOSS Outreach Program for Women all-hands meeting!
<qgil> Thank you for finding some time in your busy agendas, in so many timezones.
<qgil> The agenda for today is simple: we want to be all in the same page.
<qgil> First I'll explain the program goals, processes, expectations.
<qgil> Then sumanah will go through what we know from previous editions.
<aharoni> hallo prageck , orsa , mooeypoo
<qgil> Then Q&A, although you can ask / comment at any time.
<aharoni> I was just pinging orsa to join, and saw him join :)
<prageck> aharoni: Hi
<qgil> The good news is that we are SO MANY. The bad news is that we don't have time for proper introductions.
<apergos> actually he's gonna show up and study too :-) yay!
<qgil> Still let's add each one of us a 1 sentence introduction with your name, student/mentor, your project and a link to know more.
<mooeypoo> hey aharoni
<orsa> aharoni: thanks for pinging
<qgil> Hi, I'm Quim Gil and I work at the Wikimedia Foundation as technical contributor coordinator, being the org admin of GSoC and OPW -
<qgil> (who will be the second introducing him/herself?)
<marktraceur> Morning! I'm Mark Holmquist. I work at the Wikimedia Foundation as a features engineer. I've worked on UploadWizard, Parsoid, some fundraising components, and I find myself mentoring monsieur Rasel160.
<pragunbhutani> Hello, I'm Pragun Bhutani. I'm working on Mobilizing Wikidata under the mentorship of Katie Filbert (aude) and Jon Robson (jdlrobson). For project details,
<chrismcmahon> Chris McMahon, mentor for rachel99, browser test automation for VisualEditor
<richa> Hi, I'm Richa Jain working on Prototyping inline comments project under Matthew Flaschen and Tyler Romeo.
<Rtdwivedi> Hi! I'm Aarti Dwivedi, working on 'Refactoring of ProofreadPage Extension('. My mentors are Thomas PT( Tpt ) and Thibaut Horel( Zaran ).
<csteipp> I'm Chris Steipp. Platonides and I are mentoring Anubhav on a spam filtering projects.
<GorillaWarfare> Hi! I'm Molly White, working on improving support for book structures. My mentors are Raylton Sousa and Matthew Walker.
<rachel99> hi! I'm Rachel Thomas, from OPW, working on QA automation of Visual Editor ,
<mooeypoo> Heyhey! I'm Moriel Schottlender, I am working on internationalization and RTL support in VisualEditor, my mentors are Amir Aharoni (aharoni) and Inez Korczynski (InezK)
<Rahul21> Hi, I'm Rahul Maliakkal and 3rd year Undergrad at U.V Patel College of Engineering, during the course of this summer I plan on building a "Pronunciation Recording Extension". My mentors for the same are Michael Dale and Matthew Flaschen.
<YuviPanda> I'm Yuvi Panda, and am helping Nikerabbit mentor orsa on building an Android app for
<Rasel160> Hello, My name is Nazmul Chowdhury. marktraceur is my mentor on the book upload project
<zeljkof> I am Željko Filipin, with chrismcmahon co-mentoring rachel99
<hpds> Hello! I'm Himeshi De Silva. I'm working on the project to implement page sections in the Semantic Forms extension. My mentor is Yaron Koren.
<orsa> hi, im Or Sagi, mentored by Niklas and YuviPanda, EE an CS studeng from Israel. Im working on an Android app for translation extension in mediawiki sites. see:
<bawolff> I'm Brian Wolff. I do things, right now image related stuff. Me and Jan are mentoring clancer for the moodle integration project
<James_F> James Forrester, Wikimedia Foundation's Product Manager for VisualEditor; I'm supporting RoanKattouw, TrevorParscal, InezK and aharoni on supporting the three VisualEditor GSoCers (mooeypoo, jiabao and stonebird)
<Svick> Hello, I'm Petr Onderka and I'll be working on incremental data dumps
<Raylton> i'm Raylton from pt.wikibooks and extension:bookmanager. I'm co-mentor to gorillawarfare
<prageck> Hi, I am Praveen Singh. I will be working on the project, jquery.ime extensions for chrome and firefox, with Santhosh Thottingal and Amir Aharoni as my mentors. You can find more details about the project at
<superm401> Matt Flaschen, co-mentoring "Pronunciation recording" and "Prototyping inline comments"
<RoanKattouw> Good morning *yawn
<. I'm Roan Kattouw, I work at the Wikimedia Foundation as an engineer on the VisualEditor team. James_F, Peter Krauzberger and myself are mentoring Jiabao Wu who's working on math editing in VisualEditor . (She's not here; it's 1am in Australia)
<InezK> Hi, I'm Inez Korczyński, I'm mentor to Moriel Schottlender on internationalization and RTL support in VisualEditor.
<clancer> Hello Im Rohan Verma, Im doing moodle-mediawiki stuff with brian and jan
<Tpt_> Hi! I'm Thomas Pellissier Tanon, I'm the current (volunteer) maintainer of the Proofread Page extension and I co-mentor Aarti Dwivedi.
<aharoni> I am Amir Aharoni, a contractor developer in the language engineering team. I am mentoring mooeypoo (Moriel) on the VisualEditor internationalization project and also lurking on orsa's and prageck's projects.
<apergos> I'm Ariel Glenn, WMF dev-ops-ish person currently responsible for the XML dumps, with Tyler Romeo mentoring Petr Onderka on develping incremental data dumps.
<Kiran_> I'm Kiran Mathew Koshy, from Kerala, India. I'm working on zimdiff and zimpatch tools for Kiwix and openzim(offline wikipedia). Don't be alarmed if i get disconnected , i'm on a quite unstable connection. My mentors are Kelson and tntnet. Kelson is in Africa right now, so I don't think he will be participating.
<qgil> (for those just arriving, we are doing 1 sentence introductions for all interns & mentors)
<Nikerabbit> I am Niklas Laxström, I'm mentoring (with YuviPanda) orsa who is working on
<pkrautzberger> Hi, I'm Peter Krautzberger, I work for MathJax and I co-mentor jiabao and her work on math editing in the visual editor
<Yury> Hi, I'm Yury Katkov, lead developer in WikiVote!, Russia. I'm mentoring Zhenya in the glossary project
<arrbee> Hello, I am Runa and I am mentoring Harsh Kothari along with Alolita Sharma:
<aude waves
<qgil> :) Ok, let's move on. If you still haven't introduced yourself just go ahead and post your sentence, no worries.
<Zaran> Hi, I'm Thibaut Horel (User:Zaran) and I'm co-mentoring Aarti Dwivedi with Thomas PT on the ProofreadPage extension project:
<aude mentor of pragunbhutani and second mentor of liangent for wikidata-related projects
<mwalker> aaah --- running late --- co-mentor of Molly with Raylton
<qgil> We want to do better at attracting technical contributors...
<qgil> ... and at keeping them engaged in our community, while they acquire experience and responsibilities and have lots of fun.
<qgil> We believe that internship programs like GSoC and OPW help, as part of all the community efforts that the Engineering Community team and the rest of the community puts welcoming newcomers.
<qgil> We are all here to develop, merge and release some features.
<qgil> We selected you because your proposed interesting projects that will do good to our users.
<qgil> But have no doubt that even if we expect to see your new features working by the end of September...
<qgil> ... what we really want to see is YOU being happy and active here, in October and beyond, contributing to one of the most remarkable free software / free knowledge projects ever.
<qgil> ^^^^ This sentence is important. Don't miss it.  :)
<qgil> Some of the mentors this year were GSoC students in previous editions: Platonides, bawolff, YuviPanda... Am I forgetting someone?
<sumanah> Niklas?
<Nikerabbit> yeah
<qgil> I knew I would miss someone. I owe you a fancy drink Nikerabbit
<qgil> Next year you (yes, you) could be the one mentoring someone smart and creative as you are today.
<qgil> Ok... Is all this clear? If it is, then the processes are clearer as well.
<marktraceur> qgil: Nischayn22 has been helping with the UW project a bit too :)
<pragunbhutani> aye aye
<qgil> UW = Upload Wizard
<qgil> ok, Processes
<qgil> Look, in classical software development following 20 teams of 2-3 people is more than a full time job.
<qgil> How great that we are NOT a classical software organization or program!!!
<qgil> "Community" is all about Trust. In a free software community you must add Transparency and Communication to the mix.
<qgil> Interns and mentors are expected to be regularly in touch. When you are, all the rest is easier. Just a 5 minutes daily sync on IRC makes wonders.
<qgil> Interns are expected to work on public repositories, commenting your work through your commits.
<qgil> You are also expected to use Bugzilla as the default channel for project announcements and also to ask the opinion about anything to your stakeholders.
<qgil> The more and better you communicate through your bug reports and your patches the more and better help you will received from others. I bet you a dinner on this. :)
<qgil> This is not a school assignment. Getting help is not cheating. Actually getting contributors to your project is half of the whole point of your work here!
<qgil> And then we ask you to report on a monthly basis, just like we WMF employees do. And we will connect your reports to our reporting structure, starting... THIS WEEK!  :)
<qgil> Let me repeat:
<qgil> THIS WEEK!  :)
<qgil> See the instructions at
<qgil> And see my own reports at
<RoanKattouw> qgil: Will there be a log of this chat, or an email with these instructions?
<qgil> RoanKattouw, there will be a log.
<RoanKattouw> (I ask because it's nighttime in Australia)
<qgil> mooeypoo, please ask
<mooeypoo> What kind of report are we expected to write? I think most of us already have update pages that are updated frequently with our progress -- is this supposed to be a summary of it? And if so, how long is this? a paragraph / a page?
<mooeypoo> A journal article...
<mooeypoo> ;)
<qgil> (No need to ask permission to ask a question - just ask questions)  :)
<qgil> As you can see in the URLs above we are talking about a short entry with the news that really matter and links for details.
<qgil> See the "monthly" entries at - these are mine
<Platonides> a kind of changelog?
<sumanah> might help you out
<qgil> You must think that your monthly report will be one among... plenty
<mooeypoo> And we're putting them where? In our project pages, then linked to the table? (sorry, I didn't understand the instruction)
<qgil> mooeypoo, in your project wiki page for instance, in a "Status" section or so
<qgil> Have a section for "June report" and then you will ave a URL to link to
<qgil> Additionally, you can write extensive blog posts or email to wikitech-l whenever you feel like. This is up to you. But the monthly reports need to be there, to the point and on time.
<qgil> There many reasons to miss reporting deadline and all we do miss them at some point.
<RoanKattouw> And so these are due by... Sunday?
<qgil> But they tend to be good indicators of something else going one.
<qgil> Yes, if possible by Sunday.
<superm401> qgil, it says "linked [...] from your entry at the table". Is that referring to the table at ?
<qgil> As said, just a paragraph summarizing what you have done so far this month
<qgil> Yes, it is useful to see these reports from two points of view:
<qgil> At we can all keep track easily of the progress of each GSoC project.
<sumanah> cool!
<qgil> From you will connect your reports to the Wikimedia reporting structure, all the way up.
<qgil> I guess it is clear that this is only for interns. Mentors can get away (many of us have to report our own work anyway)  :)
<qgil> Any more questions about this?
<GorillaWarfare> beliefs on others
<GorillaWarfare> Er
<qgil> ?
<GorillaWarfare> Sorry, irssi pasted
<GorillaWarfare> :S
<qgil> It's a nice thought.  ;)
<qgil> That's it. This is THE PROCESS from the org point of view. Then it is up to each team of intern/mentors to decide how you get organized. Something that you should have already done as part of the Community Bonding process, by the way.
<marktraceur> win 41
<mooeypoo> (only by +1 mark)
<qgil> sumanah, all yours. If there are more questions we can have them later.
<sumanah> Hi. I'm Sumana Harihareswara. I was the org admin for GSoC last year & the year before, and I've seen a lot of students and mentors come and go.
<sumanah> Mentors: The top predictors of students' continued interest in staying with the community after September are the mentor relationship and how substantial their interactive engagement with the larger development community was. Students who talk with their mentors *every day
<are much more likely to do well and to stick around. tells us:
<The higher the frequency of interaction, the more likely the project is to be on or ahead of schedule.
<Projects that are on or ahead of schedule are more likely to be interacting via real time methods of communication (such as IRC).
<sumanah> The role of a mentor is to monitor the progress of each accepted student and to mentor them as the project progresses. reminds us - give the student frequent feedback on their performance. The student wants to know if s/he is messing up *early*, not find it out as a surprise. Don't be afraid to criticize, if you can back it up and suggest how to do
<sumanah> better.
<sumanah> er, suggest how to do better.
<sumanah> reminds us - watch out for warning signs! Missing students are the biggest ones. If your student misses a single scheduled meeting without advance notice, that's a warning sign, in our experience. Two is a big warning sign and a signal to phone them on the telephone to ask what's up, and to notify Quim.
<sumanah> Mentors: there is a LOT to learn. Even though the community bonding period is over, students are still ramping up. Thank you for helping them get going.
<sumanah> OK, now some advice for students.
<sumanah> But first, any questions from anyone about my advice for mentors?
<sumanah> BTW, yes, there is data to show that daily interaction correlates with projects being on-schedule instead of falling behind
<sumanah> OK, now some advice for students.
<sumanah> Students: gives you a feeling of an intern's first day. It's ok to be nervous and to have a lot to learn!
<sumanah> Merging with trunk, pre-deploy review, testing, bugfixing, documentation of course, and other integration work take ~6 weeks. You're not going to spend nearly as much time writing new code as you might have thought. Problems are normal. "Oh crap I didn't realize I would have to do this" is normal.
<sumanah> You may have the instinct to try to fix something yourself and not tell your mentor about it - to disappear, to not respond to our emails or pings. Fight that impulse. Tell your mentor. They want to know and to help.
<sumanah> WE want to know & help.
<sumanah> Bad news is better than a surprise. It's okay to talk about your problems. We expect you to have problems -- please tell us instead of disappearing!
<sumanah> (I've had that "don't tell anyone, disappear, try to fix it myself" reaction myself. It's normal, but you should fight it.)
<sumanah> Never let yourself get stuck on a technical question or problem for more than half an hour. Take a break, ask questions in IRC or a mailing list, find a technical book to read like The Architecture of Open Source Applications , look at some other codebase to see how they do it, eat a meal, or do something else, then come back to the problem.
<sumanah> Actually, do people find that half an hour is a reasonable "time-box" for that? or is a different duration better?
<qgil> sleeping sometimes helps  :)
<superm401> Depends what it is, in some cases a little more time may help
<superm401> And it goes without saying, but beyond taking a break, asking on IRC (public channels too, not only your mentor) can help too
<pragunbhutani> I think that the time period may be slightly longer during the first few weeks
<harshkothari> agree with qgil :)
<RoanKattouw> I think you should check whether you've made substantial progress every half hour
<pragunbhutani> familiarity with code speeds things up
<sumanah> YuviPanda: aharoni bawolff Tpt_ I'd love to get your opinions
<apergos> +1 if it's a big hairy thing it can take lnger, but have other pieces to work on in the meantime
<RoanKattouw> Working on something for >1/2 hr is not a problem if you actually ended up figuring out a lot of things
<YuviPanda> +1 to qgil on sleeping
<YuviPanda> but err on the side of being chatty, I think
<aharoni> half an hour is OK.
<sumanah> Oh I'm not talking about *working on something
<for >20 or 30 minutes, I'm talking about that feeling of being stuck and making no progress
<YuviPanda> 'oh I do not want to spam the channel' is not a good idea
<harshkothari> +1 YuviPanda
<bawolff> +1 to asking questions when you need to
<sumanah> the rising feeling of panic and despair and "I will never get this but I somehow have to but I'm trying the same things over and over again and nothing is working" - if you feel that, please speak up. Someone can help
<aharoni> DON'T BE TOO MUCH OF A HERO. Don't waste two days on something that should take a few minutes with a bit of help.
<pkrautzberger> +1 YuviPanda
<qgil> +1 aharoni
<sumanah> It's ok to ask for advice from fellow students, if that helps you out. And remember to follow up on advice others give you, and on questions you've asked but haven't gotten an answer on. One intern wrote: "I keep all my e-mails that I am expecting a reply from right in my inbox and send a gentle nudge when a reasonable time period has expired without receiving a reply."
<Rtdwivedi> +1 RoanKattouw for continous progress check.
<harshkothari> +1 aharoni :)
<RoanKattouw> Yeah if you're stuck for >30 mins that's a sign
<bawolff> Its also ok to ask help from people other then your mentor
<Tpt_> +1 about sleeping/meal/do something else. The most important thing is to don't get angry over something.
<csteipp> please do nudge after 24 hours without an email response. It's not annoying.
<sumanah> It's best for students to participate in IRC and wikitech-l and not just with their mentors. Your mentor is a liaison but please don't make a habit of making him or her a bottleneck and waiting for him/her to approve your ideas. A good rule of thumb: use your best judgment in making a decision, and then cc your mentor on the email so he/she has a chance to speak up.
<sumanah> I agree with csteipp
<qgil> ... or commenting in the related bug report
<sumanah> Never let yourself get stuck waiting for someone's reply for more than 2 business days (Monday through Friday). Escalate -- ask your mentor. If your mentor isn't helping, ask your org admin (Quim Gil). If the org admin isn't helping, ask on the wikitech-l mailing list, or the GSoC discussion forum!forum/google-summer-of-code-discuss , or email Carol Smith
<sumanah> 6817/about .
<sumanah> Carol Smith .
<liangent (liangent@wikipedia/Liangent) has joined #wikimedia-office
<YuviPanda> also note: You don't have to just talk to your mentors!
<sumanah> Ask yourself at the start of every day: "what did I accomplish yesterday? What will I try to do today? What are the obstacles I think I will run into?" If you ask yourself those three questions and answer honestly -- especially if you let your mentor and team know the answers -- then you will prevent long delays and help keep your morale up.
<YuviPanda> just asking on #mediawiki (or related channels) usually will get help from anyone / everyone
<sumanah> Yes! It's best for students to participate in IRC and wikitech-l and not just with their mentors.
<robla is now known as roblaAWAY
<YuviPanda> I mean, 'You do not have to talk just to your mentors'
<aharoni> of course - #mediawiki, #mediawiki-i18n, stackoverflow, google - everything goes, obviously.
<apergos> many of us live in wikitech but that's the point, *many
<of us live in wikitech so lots of folks can weigh in on a question
<YuviPanda> +1 to apergos.
<apergos> er, wikimedia-tech
<YuviPanda> it is not a 'team of me + my mentors doing this'
<James_F> #mediawiki-visualeditor for all your VisualEditor questions, too! :-)
<marktraceur> sumanah: Do we have a real email address for Carol Smith that isn't a link to a nonfree social networking site?
<qgil> In fact those monthly reports do awake my morale. Sometimes you feel you haven't done much until you start writing down what you did and... surprise!
<marktraceur> AFAIK Google hasn't deprecated SMTP support from GMail *yet*
<bawolff> lol
<sumanah> YuviPanda: apergos James_F - & - update them?
<harshkothari> ha ha
<Tpt_> stackoverflow then #mediawiki are your best friends ;-)
<YuviPanda> sumanah: will do! :)
<qgil> marktraceur, I believe Carol has contacted at some point each of the students? Anyway, it's not a secret.
<sumanah> marktraceur: I will antispam it to make the web archive of these logs less of a spam driver for her, just a moment
<bawolff> particularly if you have a mediawiki question
<mooeypoo> haha marktraceur I think that's a "Google Distribution". It's not a bug, it's a feature.
<James_F> sumanah: Already listed, I think; will check.
<sumanah> carols @
<Platonides> marktraceur, she has one
<chrismcmahon> and don't forget that if you are using other open-source tools those communities are worth participating in as well. for example, we're using selenium and page-object tools for browser tests automation, and those are both very helpful communities apart from just mediawiki etc.
<YuviPanda> sumanah: yeah, is fairly complete. Will update thef irst link tho
<YuviPanda> *First
<Platonides> no, it's that
<sumanah> some Dos and Don'ts:
<sumanah> And finally - at the end of this whole process, if you're interested in working fulltime with us, check out .
<pkrautzberger> +1 chrismcmahon
<sumanah> I'm very happy to answer questions, including questions that you worry are stupid
<mooeypoo> If I may, uhm, there are so many links, is there an option to gather them all up somewhere?
<qgil> mooeypoo, we'll collect them and post them, yes
<qgil> good idea
<mooeypoo> thanks!
<qgil> One more link: lessons learned in the last OPW round. This is the one right before all you.
<Rtdwivedi> mooeypoo: I am listing them all and will post it on my user page and give you the link. Would that work?
<mooeypoo> That'll be awesome, thanks Rtdwivedi
<mooeypoo> I opened them all up too but I have like 20 tabs, starting to get confusing.
<harshkothari> Rtdwivedi: post it into mailing list with sub [GSoC]
<sumanah> we're such a huge software project and institution with so many nooks and crannies that I cannot possibly hope to COVER everything, but I can at least give an overview of what it takes to make this software & deliver it to the users -- and thus help people learn *what there is to learn
<(release management, systems administration, bug triage, community management, user experience design & product management, testing & QA automation & process
<sumanah> work...) -- let Quim or me know if you're interested in getting that as a presentation
<qgil> Rtdwivedi, since you are collecting already, please post them at
<sumanah> & process work --- let Quim or me know if you're interested in getting that as a presentation
<qgil> Rtdwivedi, no worries I will help polishing there.
<Rtdwivedi> OK. Sure.
<sumanah> For those of you who are blogging, I look forward to seeing your blog entries at this aggregator :) (instructions are )
<sumanah> (for how to get on)
<qgil> More questions?
<qgil> I will be sending invitations to all teams today in order to meet at least once "face to face" (online) during the program. If the date proposed doesn't work please propose alternatives.
<sumanah> I especially want to thank this year's new mentors for participating
<sumanah> for instance, Yury & pkrautzberger
<Rahul21> and superm401
<RoanKattouw> qgil: Could you (or someone) post the log, then email all students a link to the log along with the most important N things (especially action points like the report thing)?
<Rtdwivedi> And Tpt_ and Zaran. :-)
<RoanKattouw> It's daytime in most timezones where we have students but not all of them
<harshkothari> arrbee and alolita :)
<csteipp> Oh, speaking of links and dates... is there one page that lists all of the deadlines / meetings? If we're just trying to remember what we need to schedule for gsoc this week?
<qgil> RoanKattouw, yes I can.
<jiabao> RoanKattouw: hello...Roan, I'm here....
<sumanah> yay, thank you to new mentors!
<RoanKattouw> Oh hey jiabao :)
<sumanah> hi jiabao :)
<Zaran> and it's also office hours for many people :)
<superm401> csteipp, yeah, the page with everything that people absolutely have to do is
<RoanKattouw> I swear you weren't here when the meeting started
<pkrautzberger> hi jiabao!
<clancer> RoanKattouw: we arrive 2 minutes late its 2am here now
<qgil> csteipp, form all the links there is only one nobody should miss, and everybody should watch closely:
<qgil> (plus rachel99 with OPW, but she also follows that process, mostly)
<csteipp> Cool thanks
<qgil> Anything else?
<qgil> If not...
<Platonides> about asking questions
<qgil> Thank you for attending this meeting. We hope it has been useful!
<sumanah> go ahead Platonides
<Platonides> I strongly recommend asking on irc
<qgil> oops
<Platonides> but also wait for the answer :)
<Platonides> it may be that you asked in a quiet time
<Platonides> and you may decide to go out for a walk... keep your irc client open, you may have a surprise when you return
<qgil> +10
<Platonides> and of course, entering, asking a question and leaving in 2 minutes does not leave time for people to answer you
<Yury> btw, where the IRC archives is stored?
<Platonides> at least I would recommend waiting 5-10 minutes
<marktraceur> And those of us who would have answered will be *super
<sad we missed you.
<Rahul21> I'll take this opportunity to thank the whole WMF for giving us a chance to intern with the organization, its indeed been a great honor!Thanks a lot!
<Platonides> Yury, some channels are logged and others not
<liangent> Yury:
<Zaran> is there a calendar with the meetings and deadlines that we could subscribe to?
<harshkothari> +1 Rahul21 :)
<Platonides> there's usually a link on the topic, for instance for #mediawiki:
<pkrautzberger> +1 Rahul21
<arrbee waves at harshkothari (good to see you could make it)
<mooeypoo> I found that the mere process of formulating a question to ask (either mentors or generally on IRC) often leads to figuring out what the answer I was missing. So that's one more plus on asking questions.
<Rahul21> Me and harshkothari got covered in newspapers thanks to WMF :)
<qgil> Zaran, the only thing we have now is but ideas for improvement (or actual improvements) are welcome
<sumanah> Rahul21: really? links?
<sumanah> cool
<bawolff> marktraceur: +1. It is really sad to answer someobody's question only to find that they are not online any more
<harshkothari> Ha Ha Rahul21 :)
<Rtdwivedi> +1 mooeypoo
<Zaran> qgil: I was thinking of something in a standardised format (like .ics)
<harshkothari> thanks arrbee :)
<pkrautzberger> +1 moeeypoo
<pragunbhutani> +1 mooeypoo
<marktraceur> +1 mopeyooo
<richa> +1 for the meeting :)
<Rahul21> sumanah, I will mail them to you, my workstation is a bit messed up! In an hour
<qgil> Zaran, thinking how.
<Rahul21> harshkothari, :)
<qgil> Ok, thank you again and... Happy Hacking!
<sumanah> Thanks everyone!
<sumanah listens to Battlestar Galactica music