Google Summer of Code/2010


The Wikimedia Foundation will be taking part in the Google Summer of Code 2010 (Archived 2011-03-16 at the Wayback Machine).

2010-07-12: Mid-term evaluations due on Friday (2010-07-16)

Basic information[edit]

Accepted projects[edit]

This section is for projects that have been given a slot from Google for this year's Summer of Code. Thanks to all the others who applied as well.

Extension management platform

Improve metadata support

General RDF export/import in Semantic MediaWiki

Javascript overhaul of Semantic MediaWiki

Wikisource Legal Tool

Reasonably efficient interwiki template transclusion

All mentors[edit]

Below is the full list of mentors for Google Summer of Code 2010. Even those that aren't listed above are available to help out when needed.

  1. Yaron Koren
  2. Rob Lanphier
  3. Siebrand Mazeland
  4. Trevor Parscal
  5. Catrope
  6. Brion Vibber
  7. Ariel Glenn
  8. James Salsman
  9. Andrew Garrett
  10. Chad H.
  11. Tim Alder (already has a student and a project)
  12. Denny Vrandecic (for SMW-related topics)
  13. Daniel Herzig (for SMW-related topics)
  14. Ioannis Paparrizos (for SMW-related topics)

Organisation administrator[edit]

Every GSoC mentor organisation has a so called "org admin". This person deals with Google as the primary contact person for the organisation. For the GSoC 2010 this is RobLa.

Student sign-up and project proposals[edit]