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Semantic MediaWiki
Release status: stable
20210702 Semantic MediaWiki logo with wordmark.png
Implementation Link markup , Tag , Extended syntax , Search, Special page , Data extraction
Description Allows users to add structured data to wiki pages through simple wikitext markup that turns links to other pages and data values in a page into meaningful properties. With this information, SMW helps to search, organize, browse, evaluate, and share the wiki's content.
  • Markus Krötzsch,
  • Jeroen De Dauw,
  • James Hong Kong
and others
Maintainer(s) SMW Project
Latest version 4.1.0 (2023-01-21)
MediaWiki 1.35.0 - 1.39.x
PHP 7.4.x - 8.0.x
Database changes Yes
Composer mediawiki/semantic-media-wiki
License GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
Installation guide
Example Berlin page on semantic-mediawiki.org
See the page on configuration parameters on semantic-mediawiki.org
  • smw-admin
  • smw-curator
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The Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) extension allows for managing structured data in your wiki and for querying that data to create dynamic representations: tables, timelines, maps, lists, etc.

The actual homepage of Semantic MediaWiki, including user documentation in multiple languages, is www.semantic-mediawiki.org. There are various other pages in the MediaWiki and Wikipedia space related to SMW, but the homepage is the most up-to-date source of information.

There are many "spinoff" extensions that require the presence of Semantic MediaWiki; see the category Semantic MediaWiki extensions for the full list (some of these extensions may be obsolete).

Download and installation[edit]

The respective instructions are located on the help page about installing Semantic MediaWiki.

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See also[edit]

  • Cargo – Allows for the storage and querying of data contained within templates
  • DynamicPageList – Allows to extract data from pages
  • WikiDB – Provides database features, somewhat similar to semantic properties
  • Wikibase – Allows to represent and manipulate structured data as part of the Wikidata project