Google Summer of Code/2019

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Wikimedia is applying as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2019. Learn application process steps, selection process and responsibilities of a mentor below:

Read information for participants Read information for mentors

Program timeline[edit]

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  • February 6 20:00 UTC - Mentoring organization applications due
  • March 25 18:00 UTC - Student application period begins
  • April 9 18:00 UTC - Student applications due
  • May 6 18:00 UTC - Accepted students announced
  • May 27 - August 26 - Coding period

Accepted projects[edit]

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Name Location

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Project Mentor(s) Updates
Profile pic of Aditya Jain.jpg
Aditya Jain Jhansi, India Create a subpage for statistics and charts related to a hashtag search Sam Walton Yes Done Joined Zulip

Yes Done Blog post 1

Yes Done Blog post 2

Yes Done Blog post 3

Amit Joki Add Multi-Wiki Support to WikiEduDashboard Sage Ross, Wes Reid Yes Done Joined Zulip
Ankita Mandal Improve the interface of Special:ViewData in the Cargo extension Yaron Koren, Nikhil Kumar Yes Done Joined Zulip

Yes Done Blog 1 Yes Done Blog 2

User Jayprakash.jpg
Jay Prakash Meerut, India Develop code samples in Javascript and PHP to demonstrate the use of MediaWiki Action API modules Srishti Sethi, Sarah Rodlund Yes Done Joined Zulip

Yes Done Blog 1
Yes Done Blog 2

Muhammad Usman Profile Pic.jpg
Muhammad Usman Bangalore, India Improve article recommendation pipeline Bahodir Mansurov Yes Done Joined Zulip

Yes Done Blog 1

Yes Done Blog 2

Priyanshu Varshney Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India Add an editable calendar interface to Page Forms extension Yaron Koren, Erik Biegert, Yashdeep Thorat Yes Done Joined Zulip
Rammanoj Potla Amritapuri, Kerala, India Develop a tool for event organizers to track developer activity Suchakra Sharma, Srishti Sethi Yes Done Joined Zulip

Yes Doneweek 1 Blog

Yes Done

week 2 Blog

Shivansh Bindal Roorkee, India Make notification counts update without page reload Kosta Harlan, Roan Kattouw Yes Done Joined Zulip

Yes Done Blog 1

Yes Done Blog 2

Ton Creus Costa Barcelona, Catalonia Integrate SVG Translate with Content Translation Petar Petkovic, Sam Wilson
Ujjwal Agrawal 2.jpg
Ujjwal Agrawal Raipur, India Create an Android app that acts as an alternative frontend for the WikiEducation Dashboard Sage Ross, Wes Reid Yes Done Joined Zulip
Vanshika Arora Agra, India Add Structured Commons support to Commons Android app Nicolas Raoul, Ashish Kumar Yes Done Joined Zulip

Yes Done Blog post 1

Yes Done Blog post 2

Vasanth Gopa Amritapuri, Kerala, India. Develop a tool to cut video in Wikimedia Commons James Heilman, Pratik Shetty, Hassan Amin Yes Done Joined Zulip

Yes Done Blog 1

Yes Done Bi-Weekly_Report-1

Community bonding period[edit]

Here are some recommended steps for current interns:

  • Refine your project proposal with guidance from mentors.
  • Join Zulip to keep yourself up to date with the announcements related to the program and opportunities for participating in Wikimedia activities.
  • Write blog posts (first due by May 20th) in a language you are most comfortable with and add it to the Bi-weekly Reports page.
  • Add your updates about non-coding tasks (e.g., writing a blog post, joining Zulip, etc.) in the Accepted projects' Updates section above.
  • Setup your MediaWiki user page, link it with your name in the accepted projects section above and keep it up to date with your project work and reports. (e.g., User:Martyav, User:Amrit_sreekumar)
  • Stay in touch with Wikimedia technical discussions by subscribing to the mailing list:
  • Read stories from across the Wikimedia movement on Wikimedia Foundation’s blog.
  • Watch previous videos on Wikimedia technical topics here.

Ideas for projects[edit]

View ideas for projects promoted during the application period.