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Tech talks are short presentations with community question and answer sessions. They are usually under an hour in length and focus on a specific technical topic.

For information on setting up a Tech talk, see Project:Calendar/How to schedule an event#Tech talks

We usually present tech talks using Google Hangouts On Air, which makes them available on YouTube. There is a concurrent IRC office hour for questions on IRC, so the talks also appear there.

Upcoming tech talks[edit]

February 27 2019 at 19:00 UTC, 45 Min
Join Google Hangout Meet Live:
Video posted at: TBA
Speaker: Subbu Sastry, Principal Software Engineer
Topic area: Parsoid to PHP
This will be a talk in 3 (unequal) parts: (a) Parsoid history (b) Porting Parsoid to PHP: the whys and wherefores (c) From here to Parsoid as the default .
Parsoid started in 2012 as a project to support Visual Editing and since then has gone on to support a number of products (Flow, Content Translation, Kiwix, and Android app). Given that (a) Parsoid's annotated HTML output enables clients to infer things about wikitext without having to parse wikitext, (b) the PHP parser cannot support Visual Editor and other products, and (c) we cannot continue to have two parsers, it is inevitable that Parsoid will be the default parser for MediaWiki. This has been known since at least 2015 but while we are nearer to that goalpost, we are still not quite there yet. In this talk, we'll talk about what else needs to be completed, and what the porting of Parsoid to PHP means for this goal.

Past tech talks[edit]

You can browse through past tech talk recordings in the Commons category and on the MediaWiki YouTube channel.

Nominations/Ideas for future tech talks[edit]

  • The work Analytics engineering are doing and how we could help
  • An understanding of Flow, where it's at and where it's going
  • <someone> on the new visual design for MediaWiki/mediawiki.ui or whatever that library is called these days.
  • QA (Zeljiko? Chris?) about browser testing
  • Daniel Kinzler on core refactoring of Title and other classes.
  • Pau Giner on dos and don'ts in user testing
  • Niklas Laxström on conversing with robots that know Wikipedia (part of his Phd research)
  • Antoine Musso on Jenkins - status: emailed Antoine/Antoine on paternity leave. hold.
  • Moriel Schottlender on right-to-left support (adapting her blog post into a talk)
  • Wikidata - Lydia/Community member - open to all
  • Tony Tomasz -
  • Webinar on Zotero translator coding
  • Aaron Halfaker on machine learning support for wiki-workflows.

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