Google Summer of Code/2020

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Program timeline[edit]

Also see the full timeline.

GSoC and Outreachy Welcome Party, May 2020
February 6 Mentoring organization application deadline
February 21 Mentoring organizations announced
March 16 Student application period begins
March 31 Student application deadline
May 4 (previously April 27) Student projects announced
May 4 to May 31 (previously April 27 to May 18) Community bonding period
June 1 to August 24 (previously May 18 to August 10) Coding period

Accepted projects[edit]

Name Location Project Mentor(s) Updates
QEDK India goodbot: a simple, friendly bot for Wikimedia Zulipchat Pavithra Eswaramoorthy, Medha Bansal, Derick Alangi Yes Done Joined Zulip
Yes Done 1st blogpost
Yes Done 2nd blogpost
Amit A Joki India Reduce Bundle Size Sage Ross Yes Done Joined Zulip
Chaitanya Mittal User:Chtnnh United Arab Emirates Implement articlequality and draftquality model for ptwiki and apply insights to models for bs, uk, hi wikis Aaron Halfaker Yes Done Joined Zulip

Yes Done Setup User page

Vidhi Mody India Upgrade WebdriverIO to the latest version for all repositories Željko Filipin Yes Done Joined Zulip

Yes Done First Blog

Yes Done Second Blog

Soham Parekh India Evaluate WebdriverIO replacements for our browser automation framework Željko Filipin, Gabriel Pita Yes Done Joined Zulip

Yes Done First Blog

Yes Done Second Blog

Ajumal P A India Improve the framework to transfer files over the LAN Jaime Crespo, Manuel Arostegui Yes Done Joined Zulip

Yes Done Blog 1

Yes Done Blog 2

Madhur Gupta India Add leaderboard based on user's edits using Commons Android app Vivek Maskara, Nicolas Raoul Yes Done Joined Zulip

Yes Done First Blog

Yes Done Second Blog

Shashwat Kathuria India Improve Wiki Education Dashboard's Error Monitoring Sage Ross Yes Done Joined Zulip

Yes Done First Blog

Adham Khatean Egypt Supporting the ‘maps’ parameter in TemplateData Editor (GUI) Marielle Volz, Thalia Chan, Moriel Schottlender
Sohom Datta India Creating a page-list editing widget for the ProofreadPage extension Sam Wilson, Satdeep Gill Yes Done Joined Zulip

Yes Done First Blog post

gabrielchl Hong Kong Media Data Verification Tool Eugene233, Navino Evans Yes Done Joined Zulip
Amr El-Absy Egypt Remove use of jQuery UI from Page Forms Yaron Koren Yes Done Joined Zulip

Yes Done Setup User page

Yes Done First Blog

Swapnil Sinha India Design and implement a tool to create overlays on pre-rendered offline maps for Internet In A Box Tim Moody, George Jason Hunt, Pratyush Singhal Yes Done Joined Zulip

Yes Done First BlogPost

Yes Done BiWeekly Report 1

Yes Done BiWeekly Report 2

Ostrzyciel Poland Add Reverted filter to RecentChanges Filters Kosta Harlan, Roan Kattouw Yes Done Joined Zulip

Recommended steps for accepted candidates[edit]

Here are some recommended steps for current interns:

  • Refine your project proposal with guidance from mentors.
  • Join Zulip to keep yourself up to date with the announcements related to the program and opportunities for participating in Wikimedia activities.
  • Write blog posts (first due by May 20th) in a language you are most comfortable with and add it to the Bi-weekly Reports page.
  • Add your updates about non-coding tasks (e.g., writing a blog post, joining Zulip, etc.) in the Accepted projects' Updates section above.
  • Setup your MediaWiki user page, link it with your name in the accepted projects section above and keep it up to date with your project work and reports. (e.g., User:Martyav, User:Amrit_sreekumar)
  • Stay in touch with Wikimedia technical discussions by subscribing to the mailing list:
  • Read stories from across the Wikimedia movement on Wikimedia Foundation’s blog.
  • Read stories on Wikimedia technical blog about the technology and software behind running Wikipedia and its sister projects.
  • Watch previous videos on Wikimedia technical topics here.

Ideas for projects[edit]

View project ideas promoted during the application period.