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Amr El-Absy

I am Amr M. El-Absy, Junior Software Engineering Student from Egypt. I am a GSoC2020 Student working on the Project Remove use of jQuery UI From Page Forms.

I call my self as a Passionate Full Stack Developer, because that is what I really love to I do.

My GSoC Project


I am working on Remove use of jQuery UI From Page Forms. The Library jQuery UI (which is based on jQuery) is deprecated from MediaWiki. In spite of that, it is still used in Extension:PageForms. The Project Aims to remove it and replace it with another suitable Libraries.

About me


My Name is Amr Mustafa El-Absy (feel free to call me Amr or Absy) a Junior student in the Faculty of Computer and Information Technology, Kafr El-Shiekh University, Egypt.

Me, as an Instructor of the workshop Learning how to Learn, For the Programming Fundamentals

I have my things I love to do related to the programming and technical fields. I was a Web Team Leader at IEEE KSB (Kafr El-Shiekh Student Branch). As a web team leader, I was an Instructor of a technical workshop for the beginners, which covered the programming fundamentals. I was an Event Director of a Technical Event called “Travelling to the Future” whose goal was spreading technical awareness about the future and the future of software. The event was under the partnership of team GDG Delta (Google Developers Group).

The IEEE KSB Team at their Event "Travelling to The Future". I am in the front Line, The fifth of the Left.

I am also a Technical Member in GDG Damanhur.

I have also another thing I love to do, but they are not related to Programming. I am a Former Delegate in "Khamsa Netfahem" (Khamsa: Five, Neftahem: to Discuss, and the name means "To Take Five Minutes to Discuss"), which is an Active Citizen Program From The British Council. I was also a Translator at TED.com and Fundraiser at TEDxDamanhur.

I depended on self-learning to learn web Technologies, starting with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, until the Back-End track with php and MySQL. I have also learnt jQuery and Bootstrap as a Front-End Framework and Library, and a strong knowledge about MVC Design Pattern, and some other design patterns.




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