Google Summer of Code/2020/Bi-weekly Reports

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Stay up to date with the progress on projects through the students' bi-weekly reports:

Student 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Due date May 20th Jun 3rd Jun 17th Jul 1st Jul 15th Jul 29th Aug 12th Aug 26th
QEDK The journey to one internship An overview and an addendum on Rust Working with paths in Python and Rust, and a note on BLM The why and how of writing good documentation Working with APIs and wrappers Making regex in Python “just” work Progress report
Amit Joki Migrating from Gulp+Webpack configuration to Webpack-only configuration The Wonder of SplitChunksPlugin Migrating from MomentJS to DayJS Dynamic loading of TinyMCE Summary until now
Chaitanya Mittal
Vidhi Mody GSoCpedia: Chapter 1 GSoCpedia: Chapter 2 GSoCpedia: Chapter 3 GSoCpedia: Chapter 4 GSoCpedia: Chapter 5 GSoCpedia: Chapter 6 GSoCpedia: Final Chapter
Soham Parekh Road to Ninja A Community Bonding filled with learning Python, Gunicorn & that thing called Gevent Fanboying Cypress
Ajumal P A Community bonding - Blog1 Community bonding - Blog2 Coding - Blog3 Coding - Blog4 Coding - Blog5 Coding - Blog6 Coding - Blog7 Final Blog
Madhur Gupta My GSoC onboarding experience First Meeting with my GSoC Mentors First Two Weeks of GSoC Coding Round My First Month Report of GSoC 2020 GSoC Update Report Mid July My Second Month Report of GSoC 2020 Leaderboard in Action GSoC 2020 Final Report
Shashwat Kathuria GSoC Onboarding Experience The Starting: Exploring Error Tracking Techniques Tracking Errors by Storing only 2 Variables(via Sentry) GSoC First Phase Completed! Background Jobs & Orphan Locks GSoC Second Phase Completed! Coding The Summer Away! My GSoC 2020 Journey: Summary
Adham Khatean Community bonding period and starting with the coding phase: How was it like? let the coding begin Phase I: Done!
Sohom Datta Bi Weekly Report 1 Bi Weekly Report 2 Bi Weekly Report 3
gabrielchl 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Amr El-Absy My First Steps Second Blog Third Blog Fourth Blog
Swapnil Sinha

BiWeekly Report II BiWeekly Report III BiWeekly Report IV BiWeekly Report V
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