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Google Summer of Code/2008

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Mentors needed[edit]

The last couple of years we’ve had limited success with the SoC, in part because we’ve been so shorthanded on mentors that we can’t support more than one or two students. I’m looking for a few MediaWiki hackers who’d like to help out this time around…

You’ll need to be reasonably available by e-mail and IRC, and able to help answer the student’s questions and review their progress.

Part of the fun of Summer of Code projects is that we can get somebody excited and involved by working on something that’s big enough that it hasn’t got done yet, but small enough that they can make real progress and hopefully get something in production over the course of a couple months.

The real important part is making sure they feel welcome, and are excited about continuing their involvement in MediaWiki development after they’re done… so let’s make everybody feel at home!

Mentor signup[edit]


  • I have submited as abstract for YouTube API integration into MediWiki. I would like to know if this idea is viable. I also plan to include an image gallery into Wiki pages similar to Flickr as a seprate section or as an addin on the Wiki. I would like to know the mentors and users views on this.Thank You. Ruturaj ruturajmd[at]gmail[DoT]CoM.

Accepted Projects[edit]


I am working on an extension which provides a WebDAV / DeltaV / Subversion interface to MediaWiki articles: Extension:WebDAV

The extension enables articles to be browsed and edited with WebDAV or Subversion clients. When complete, it will support editing articles offline, using for example the Subclipse Eclipse IDE plugin or Emacs VC mode.


Visual Diff[edit]

Visual diffs/2008 project