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Wikimedia has been accepted as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2018. The program runs from May 14 to August 14 (see program timeline below).

Read information for participants Read information for mentors

Screenshot of the GSoC and Outreachy 2017 Project Showcase. Watch the full showcase on YouTube.

Program timeline[edit]

  • January 23, 17:00 UTC - mentoring organization applications due
  • March 27 - Student applications due
  • April 23 - Accepted students announced
  • May 14 - August 14 - coding period

Accepted projects[edit]

No Name Location Project Mentor(s) Updates
1 Hagar Shilo
Hagar Shilo
Israel Add 'Category' (prev: 'User') search filters to the existing filter menu Moriel Schottlender, Roan Kattouw
2 Karan Dhingra
Karan Dhingra
New Delhi, India Predict relevance of search results from historical clicks using a Neural Click Model Trey Jones, Erik Bernhardson
  • Joined Zulip
3 Megha Sharma Chandigarh, India [#1Lib1Ref] Build a "worklist" tool for campaigns and in-person editing events Guilherme Gonçalves
4 Neha Jha New Delhi, India Improvements for the Toolforge 'webservice' command Andrew Bogott
5 Nikhil Kumar India Improve the Cargo Special:Drilldown page Yaron Koren, Feroz Ahmad, Alangi Derick
6 Pratyush Singhal
Profile Picture submitted for GSoC
India WikiEducation Dashboard Article Finder Tool Sage Ross, Jonathon Morgan
  • Joined Zulip
  • Added Profile Picture to Accepted Students Section
7 Prssanna Desai
Prssanna Profile.jpg
Mumbai, India Improve Data Explorer on Stanislav Malyshev, Lucas Werkmeister, Jonas Kress

YesY Done Join Zulip

YesY Done Add profile picture to the Accepted Projects column

YesY Done Introduced myself on Wikitech-I and Wikidata mailing list

YesY Done Blog Post - Week 1

8 Rosalie
Wikidata Editathon Buea 144.jpg
Cameroon Emoji Twitter bot for Commons images from NYPL fork Ariel Glenn, Derick N. Alangi, Dereckson
  • Joined Zulip
  • Added Picture to accepted project table
  • Introduced myself on Wikitech-I mailing list
  • Added First blog to Bi-weekly report page
9 Sahil Khokhar
Sahil Khokhar
New Delhi, India [Analytics] Improvements to Wikistats 2.0 front-end Marcel Ruiz Forns
10 Tanvi Dadu
Tanvi Dadu
New Delhi, India Feedback on how pictures uploaded to Commons get used: statistics, barnstars, light gamification Vivek Maskara, Josephine Lim
  • Joined Zulip
  • Added Profile Picture to Accepted Students
  • Introduced myself on Wikitech-I mailing list
  • Created MediaWiki user page, Tanu dadu
  • Blog post : Week 1
  • Blog post : Week 2
11 Ujjwal Agrawal India [Wikimedia Commons app] Allow users to browse Commons from app Neslihan Turan, Nicolas Raoul YesY Joined Zulip

YesY Introduced myself on Wikitech-I mailing list

YesY Created MediaWiki user page: user:ujjwalagrawal17

YesY Setup Blog

YesY Done Blog Post 1

12 Yashdeep Thorat
Pune, India Add a spreadsheet interface for modifying multiple pages to the Page Forms extension Yaron Koren, Nischay Nahata YesY Joined Zulip

YesY Introduced myself on Wikitech-I mailing list

YesY Created MediaWiki user page: user:Yashdeep97

YesY Setup Blog

YesY Done Blog Post 1

YesY Done Blog Post 2

Community bonding period[edit]

Here are some recommended steps for current interns:

  • Start communicating with your mentors on refining your project proposal, finalizing deadlines and setting milestones
  • Join Zulip, a communication platform that program administrators will use to share announcements and opportunities for participating in Wikimedia activities
  • Write blogposts (first due by May 7th) and add it to the Bi-weekly Reports page
  • When you complete a task other than the coding work, for example, join Zulip, pass an evaluation phase, write a blogpost, make sure to add it to the Updates column in the Accepted projects section above
  • Upload your profile picture on Wikimedia Commons, and add it below your name in the Accepted projects section above
  • Stay in touch with Wikimedia community members and help them learn about you more:
    • Subscribe to Wikimedia mailing list
    • Setup up your MediaWiki user page and keep it up to date with your project work and reports (example 1, example 2)
  • Read stories from across the Wikimedia movement on Medium
  • Watch previous videos on Wikimedia technical topics

Ideas for projects[edit]

View ideas for projects promoted during the application period.


Reach out for general questions about Google Summer of Code on the Freenode IRC channel #wikimedia-devrelconnect or to the organization administrators John Vandenberg and Srishti Sethi (