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See w:User:RobLa or check out my homepage on I'm also a Wikimedia Foundation employee. See User:RobLa-WMF for most edits I've made as part of my job.

Work on MediaWiki:

  • Extensionless files patch - A patch which lifts the requirement that the page title have a file extension appropriate for the MIME type. This patch addresses Bugzilla:4421.
  • A few minor patches here and there (e.g Bugzilla:11867, Bugzilla:3603)
  • Various small improvements for the Second Life wiki and intranet wiki at Linden Lab (sorry, no source available)
  • Electowidget - MediaWiki extension for displaying election results from complicated election methods.
  • Some work on Wikidata for Erik, which I think he used on some non-WMF wikis.
  • AuthPress - extension which allowed MediaWiki installs to authenticate against a Wordpress database. I doubt this works anymore.
  • EditOversight extension - defunct work done on behalf of ManyOne (also defunct)