GSOC 2013 Improvement of glossary tools



This is a documentation for features implemented to Lingo or Semantic Glossary that need to be documented

Noglossary tag[edit]

A new <noglossary> tag was implemented. It allows parser to skip the words and phrases that are enclosed with this tag.


<noglossary>HTML</noglossary> HTML - in this case first "HTML" will not be considered as term.

Integration of ApprovedRevs[edit]

Integration with ApprovedRevs, allows only approved revisions of terms to be taken into account.

To start using the feature you have to:

  1. Install Extension:Approved_Revs and require_once it in your LocalSettings.php
  2. Set $wgexLingoEnableApprovedRevs = true

Tip: if you never approved Terminology Page in Lingo, then none of the terms will be highlighted. Check it after you start using this feature.

Customizing the tooltip by using template[edit]

This feature allows to use semantic templates as defnitionss in Semantic Glossary

To start using it you have to:

  1. Set $wgexLingoParseTemplates = true in your LocalSettings.php
  2. Create a custon template.
  3. Write a definition with the usage of this template. Example: [[Glossary-Definition::{{ Template_name | Parameter_1 | Parameter_n }} ]]

Great. Now the tooltip will fully display the output of template. You can use more complex definitions either tables, mediawiki markup, etc.

Monthly Reports[edit]


This month I've finished those my tasks connected with Lingo Extension:

  • Finished the Community Bonding Period Checklist
  • Implemented "Ability to turn off the recognition of glossary terms in certain places. Phase 1: <noglossary></noglossary> tags" in Lingo
  • Implemented "Support for multiple definitions per term" in Lingo


  • Support for word forms. Phase 1: support for synonyms in Semantic Glossary
  • Integration with FlaggedRevs/ApprovedRevs for Lingo


  • Customizing the tooltip by using a template(for Semantic Glossary)
  • Ability to turn off the recognition of glossary terms in certain places(Lingo). Phase 2: visual interface for turning off in ( was abandoned after, as far as it was not considered on the very start)
  • Documentation and comment
  • Code review.