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This page contains a summary of the progress I've made with respect to my GSoC 2013 project, Mobilize Wikidata.
If you'd like to read about my progress in more detail, you can do so at the GSoC 2013 section of my blog : http://www.pragunbhutani.in/category/gsoc/
FEED URL: http://www.pragunbhutani.in/category/gsoc/feed/

Updates: Community Bonding Period[edit]

  • Public intro of my project on the Mélange page updated : https://google-melange.appspot.com/gsoc/project/google/gsoc2013/pragunbhutani/23001
  • Local development environment has been set up and I'm familiar with the code base.
  • I've subscribed to Wikitech-l, Wikidata-l, Wikidata-tech, Mobile-l and WikimediaIndia-l.
  • A comment has been posted in the bug report pertaining to my project : https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=43065#c11
  • I've been communicating with my mentors through mail as I'm on vacation with my family. We've discussed the workflow and I'm currently in the process of discussing the solution approach with them. More details on this can be found on the blog. Communications shall resume on public channels as soon as I return home.
  • I'm already watching all relevant pages on Mediawiki.org

Monthly Report: June 2013[edit]

The first half of June was spent going through the checklist of the 'Community Bonding Period' and reading through the codebase, as detailed in the section above. Jon Robson informed me of a new skinning process that has been implemented(patchset) by the mobile team for the benefit of this project. I've since tried making a simple 'Hello world' skin and shall be using the same process to create a new skin for Wikidata. For testing purposes, I've created and set up an instance on Mediawiki Labs(Wikidata Mobile Tester).

I am now working on a new mobile skin for Wikidata.

Monthly Report: July 2013[edit]

  • Created a bug report to track the first task, factor getHtmlForClaims part out of EntityView.
  • Documented different implementation approaches for discussion with the community.
  • Read about how to not write STUPID code. Read about Dependency Injections.
  • Created the first UI Mockup for Wikidata Mobile.
  • Created UI Mockup v2.
  • Bug 50578 is almost resolved now. ClaimHtmlGenerator class created. Some tidying up remains.
  • ClaimHtmlGenerator under code-review. Tests/Documentation to be written.
  • Discussing solution approaches for the mobile skin with mentors.
  • Working on HTML mockup of mobile view.

Monthly Report: August 2013[edit]

  • Created the HTML mockup of skin.
  • Decided to create the skin as a new extension.
  • Requested Gerrit repo.
  • Started work on the extension. Progress can be checked here.
  • Set up a labs instance to share and test my work. Labs instance
  • Mobile skin ready. Filled with sample HTML data for now : Demo
  • Working on turning the skin into a responsive one, in place of the current fixed widths.

Monthly Report: September 2013[edit]

  • The skin is now responsive instead of fixed width.
  • Wrote scripts for the skin.
  • Tested the skin on various mobile devices and tablets and made changes accordingly.
  • Now working on getting serialized input from ParserOutput and using that on the skin instead of hard-coded html. My work is nearing completion!
  • Used serialized input for Titles, description and aliases.
  • Working on un-serializing and generating html for claims.
  • Some more style fixes.

End of GSoC 2013[edit]

Google Summer of Code has officially ended, but my work on the skin continues. A summary of the project and my summer can be found here : http://blog.pragunbhutani.in/articles/google-summer-of-code-2013-wrap-up/