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Rohan Verma
Rohan Verma
Rohan Verma
Student, Australian National University
for all my homiez

About me

I am currenty in my fourth year of software engineering and am taking time away from my study to program outside of university where ever I can.

I am currently working on an android game, looking for local compeitions and working on my year long group project for my degree.

I spend most of my time either working, cooking or playing dota 2. For exercise I love swimming and badminton.

My work

My Project: Extension to include Moodle information is going to allow wikimedia to display information gathered from Moodles webservice API.

I expect this to be a great and time consuming experience. I am glad for the advice from summanah and the others running the show here at mediawiki. Putting aside a lot of time for finishing up the project will definitely help if things dont go smoothly. I expect I will be late on a few more checklists but will have heaps of fun and make something worthwhile anyway.

Contact me




clancer on freenode

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GSoC Project: Extension to include Moodle information (2013)


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