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Jiabao Wu
Jiabao Wu
Jiabao Wu
Postgraduate Student, Australian National University

About me

I graduated with B.IT at ANU with a double major of IT in New Media Arts and Software Development in last December.

This year I study the course Free and Open Source Software Development offered by Andrew Tridgell. It introduced me FOSS world and boosted my huge enthusiasm in contributing to it.

I also volunteer for Australian Heart Foundation.

My work

My GSoC project: VisualEditor Mathematical Equation Plugin Project is aiming to help users who don't know wikitext to create content containing math equation using Visual Editor.

I expect to have a great experience coding my winter away. =D I also expect sometimes things may not go well, as it's my first GSoC project. I am prepared to work hard to prevent that, and work harder once it happens.

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jiabao on freenode

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VisualEditor Math Equation Plugin (GSoC 2013)

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