Praveen Singh
Praveen Singh
Student, JIIT India

About me

Hi! I am Praveen Singh. I am currently pursuing masters in computer science from JIIT, India. I love working on web technologies and have been doing web development for the last 2 years. I code in JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and PHP. While not working or studying, I spend my time playing or watching football.

My proposal, jQuery.IME extensions for Firefox and Chrome, has been accepted for Google Summer of Code 2013. jQuery.IME provides multilingual input method support on MediaWiki enabled sites. In this project, I will be porting jQuery.IME to Firefox and Chrome extensions. Upon successful completion of this project, users would be able to use these multilingual input methods on any webpage.

I am looking forward to this project, since it would be my first major open source contribution. Throughout the GSoC timeline, I would experience how large projects are coordinated with a remote team. I would like to contribute as much as I can to the project as well as to certain open bugs and issues. Afterwards, I wish to become a regular contributor to the Wikimedia Foundation.

My work

I've contributed to Wikimedia and a few other Open source organizations in the past.

 My GSoC Project:
   •jQuery.IME Chrome extensionjQuery.IME Firefox extension
 jQuery.IME Github pull requests.
 Mediawiki Gerrit commits.

Contact me

  • E-mail:
  • IRC: Prageck on FreeNode, especially #mediawiki, #wikimedia-dev and #mediawiki-i18n
  • Github : pravee-n

GSoC 2013 Proposal[edit]