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VisualEditor Mathematical Equations Plugin[edit]

Working with Mentors[edit]

based on the suggestion emails from mentors

Code: submit code directly to the VisualEditor project in Gerrit

Bugs: leave comments on the project bug report

Updates: progress report every 1-2 weeks, depending on how much work have to write about.

Regular communications: IRC, Email, Google Hangout. More information has been discussed in the email.

Monthly Reports[edit]


  • Finished the Community Bonding Period Checklist
  • Had the first meeting with VisualEditor team and joined their IRC channel
  • Read through the code examples and documentation introduced on the meeting
  • Started coding! xD
  • Got a lot of help and constant code reviews from Roan
  • Sought for help on the VisualEditor IRC channel
  • Worked on Math node handler, and a basic version of it is about ready to merge
  • Exploring and made a hack version of Math Node UI, which is going to be fixed to normal version soon



  • Math extension got a lot of community attentions. I read through the emails, chat flows, etc. to learn how people think about it.
  • Discussion about Math for VE on my user talk. (with Spectral sequence and Salix alba)
  • Create Math Node UI page and get further feedbacks from the discussion page.
  • Further research on how MathJax can work with the GenerateContentNode.
  • Discussions with mentors and communities.
  • Worked on MathJax Live Preview II which about to support MathJax Live Preview totally.


  • 250ms after the user stops typing, rerender the node with what they've typed so far.
  • Update ve.ce.MWMathNode to no longer emit 'rerender' when <img>s load (handled in the parent class now)
  • When using MathJax, tell it which node to rerender
  • Allows users to add LaTeX node

Progress Reports[edit]

1 July - 7 July[edit]

  • Updated the code according to several code reviews
    • Studied about DOM and Ajax online
    • Got the Math Node UI to work properly
  • Code has been merged (by Mentor Roan) xD
  • Planned for next week:
    • Fix the bugs just found from testing
    • Start discussion and work for Math UI and rendering

8 July - 14 July[edit]

  • Created a page for discussion about Math Node User Interface
  • Created a page for Bug Tracking
  • Found three bugs from testing and fixed two of them
  • Read documents about MathJax
  • Investigated problems with using MathJax
  • Enabled MathJax in the Math Node

15 July - 21 July[edit]

  • More dicussion about MathJax implementation (with Mentor Peter)
  • Updated code of the bug fixing according to the code review

22 July - 31 July[edit]