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I'm Molly White, a computer science student living in Boston, Massachusetts.

I participated in Google Summer of Code 2013 by creating Extension:BookManagerv2. This project benefits wikis that contain content that is more suited to a "book" format than the standard article structure. These kinds of wikis (for example, Wikisource and Wikibooks) are currently using systems of subpages to try to collect their content, but this creates challenges when it comes to navigating the books or performing actions on them as a single unit. BookManagerv2 will fix this problem by creating an easy way to collect and store data about the book and its organizational structure. For more information, you can view the project proposal or the project's planning page.

I am easy to reach on the Freenode IRC network, where you will find me using the nick GorillaWarfare. You can also email me or leave me a message on my talk page.