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Project Updates[edit]

Gerrit repo:
Meetings attended: GSoC/OPW IRC AllHands on 26th June, IRC, gtalk chat almost everyday with the mentors discussing the progress.

Extension: Extension:Annotator‎‎


Monthly Reports[edit]


  • Investigated regarding the storage of comments, store-plugin of OKFN technology, and read about the mediawiki API.
  • Created the basic skeleton for the extension.
  • Provided interface for making inline comments, currently the annotator is being called at namespaces NS_MAIN, NS_TALK and NS_CATEGORY. These can be changed further depending upon the need.
  • Started working on the backend of the extension.
  • Submitted a patch for db Schema .
  • Submitted a patch for creating the annotations .




  • Toggling the visibilty of annotations got merged.
  • Support for creation of annotations by logged out users got merged.
  • Fixed a bug of toggling annotations.