Architecture meetings

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These are the weekly meetings we have surrounding our Architecture guidelines and Requests for Comment process.

Wednesdays at 13:00 PST/PDT TechCom Internal Planning Meetings Video call by invitation only
Wednesdays at 14:00 PST/PDT Public RFC Meetings Public IRC on #wikimedia-officeconnect


Main article: Architecture committee/Processes

The Architecture Committee participates in weekly meetings:

  • First hour: private video conference meeting to discuss upcoming public meetings, ArchCom membership, and other items
  • Second hour: public IRC meeting (#wikimedia-office) to discuss the RFCs

To schedule a meeting about your RFC, go to and drag your RFC into the "ready for RFC meeting" column. If your RFC does not have a Phabricator Maniphest task assigned to it, file one as a placeholder. This "ready for RFC meeting" column gets looked at weekly. Alternately, you can contact Daniel or another member to schedule a meeting.

NOTE: In the past, meetings were scheduled on a Phabricator calendar. That practice has been discontinued.

Past RFC and architecture meetings[edit]

See Architecture meetings/Archive