Architecture meetings/RFC review 2014-03-05

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21:00 UTC, March 5th, at #wikimedia-office connect.

Requests for Comment to review[edit]

Two at most, so we can go in depth.

  1. Passwords
  2. TitleValue
  3. Inline diffs

Summary and logs[edit]

Meeting summary[edit]

  • TitleValue (sumanah, 21:25:36)
    • LINK: (sumanah, 21:25:48)
    • LINK: new version of the TitleValue patch (sumanah, 21:26:13)
    • I asked DanielK_WMDE just before this meeting what he wanted, and he said he wants people to review that patch & ideally merge it :) <DanielK_WMDE> it would be useful to also agree on next steps (refactor more special pages? or try an api module or two? or look into factoring mroe stuff out of Title?) (sumanah, 21:26:46)
    • from Daniel's email on 26 Feb "I have tried to address several issues with the previous proposal, and reduce the complexity of the proposal. I have also tried to adjust the service interfaces to make migration easier." (sumanah, 21:28:12)
    • ACTION: anomie review the changeset (sumanah, 21:39:15)
    • we all want more testing, test cases for the current behavior of Title (sumanah, 21:40:07)
    • IDEA: <hoo> DanielK_WMDE: I'm not a fan of having the special page changes in the same change set (DanielK_WMDE, 21:42:00)
  • Inline diffs RFC (sumanah, 21:46:48)
    • LINK: (sumanah, 21:46:56)
    • LINK: has some useful links re colours (sumanah, 21:49:02)
    • <moizsyed> i think this is a good idea, keeps the experience cohesive across platforms, also other major platforms on the web where people are used to "diff views" like github have not primarily moved on to a single inline diff view (sumanah, 21:49:19)
    • some concern about colours :) (sumanah, 21:49:36)
    • IDEA: need to device a nice mode-switching UI (keep it inline, avoid having to go to special:preferences) (brion, 21:50:20)
    • LINK: example diff from our current mobile view (sumanah, 21:52:06)
    • IDEA: bawolff reccomends we ask real non-technical users and see what they think (sumanah, 21:53:38)
    • IDEA: check for user studies or similar data about how people actually like to interact with diffs, among Wikimedia users and elsewhere in collaborative writing workflows (sumanah, 21:53:55)
    • discussion and lack of agreement on whether to just turn this on, make it a beta feature, make it a pref, make it an option on the diff page, or something else (sumanah, 22:01:11)
    • LINK: longer diff, possibly confusing to the user (per quiddity) (sumanah, 22:01:47)
    • ACTION: MaxSem to add mode switching UI details to RFC (TimStarling, 22:04:22)
    • Additional Action from right after the meeting: Dan Garry is going to look into whether we want to make this a beta feature, a preference, an option on the diff page, or something else

Meeting ended at 22:09:13 UTC.

Action items[edit]

Action items, by person[edit]

Full log[edit]