Architecture meetings/RFC review 2014-02-27

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This meeting will concentrate on UI and UX styling RFCs. We're following up on the discussion we started at the Architecture Summit.

It takes place in #wikimedia-office connect at 0:00 UTC-1:00UTC on 28 February, that is, afternoon on Thursday Feb 27 (San Francisco time)/morning of Friday 28 Feb (Sydney time).

Requests for Comment to review[edit]

  1. Requests for comment/Grid system - Pau Giner and Trevor Parscal
  2. Requests for comment/Scoping site CSS - Juliusz

Did not have time to consider:[edit]

  1. Requests for comment/Allow styling in templates - Jon Robson

Quick checkins if we have time:

  1. Inline diffs - Max Semenik
  2. Architecture guidelines (quick checkin)
  3. Performance guidelines (quick checkin)

Summary and logs[edit]

Summary and TODOs[edit]

Meeting started by sumanah at 23:58:32 UTC. The full logs are available at .

Meeting ended at 01:12:04 UTC.

Action items[edit]

  • pginer to finish writing the RFC so we can mark it accepted
  • pginer to add detail on intended use cases / prefixing to RFC & perhaps narrow "implementations" section <TimStarling> if possible, name the actual classes and mixins which you intend to create
  • more research required on advanced possibilities for scoping site CSS

Full log[edit]