Architecture meetings/RFC review 2014-06-11

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2100 UTC Wednesday, 11 June at #wikimedia-office connect.

Requests for Comment to review[edit]

Lightning round!

  1. Requests for comment/HTML templating library - per Gabriel Wicke's note, does anyone from Mobile have feedback on the prototype? Initial thoughts on HTML content templating?
  2. Reducing image quality for mobile - the patch has been merged into core. Adam Baso said: "The next step we think is to rewrite the <img> tags on a popular page (e.g., when Wikipedia Zero is in force in order to give this a run in production." Yuri asked: do we use it via JavaScript rewrite or Varnish-based rewrite?
  3. Requests for comment/Debugging at production server - any thoughts on the patch or proposed implementation?
  4. VERY BRIEF thoughts on Composer if we have time.

Summary and logs[edit]

Meeting summary[edit]

  • future RfCs (sumanah, 21:56:53)

Meeting ended at 22:00:09 UTC.

Action items[edit]

Action items, by person[edit]

  • dr0ptp4kt
    • dr0ptp4kt Yuri Astrakhan + Adam Baso: try the Cats page next week, then the week after that expand to a full language, then the week after that all languages. Do qualitative testing of image quality + measure bandwidth savings
    • dr0ptp4kt to check in with Brandon Black and either have him as Ops liaison for this project or find someone else :-)
  • greg-g
    • greg-g to ask Bryan about how whether structured logging is a way around the private data issue for this RfC
  • jdlrobson
    • jdlrobson to ask Juliusz, Maryana, Arthur, or similar to schedule time to give KnockOff / TAssembly a spin

Full log[edit]