Architecture meetings/RFC review 2014-03-12

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21:00-21:30 UTC, March 12th, at #wikimedia-office connect.

Requests for Comment reviewed[edit]

We took a quick look at the status of four RFCs and marked some for consolidation.

  1. Configuration (database) RFCs: original, RFC 2, and JSON onwiki . Shall we ask authors to consolidate by a certain date?
  2. URL shortener (and URL Shortener Service, probably to be consolidated). Do we have the implementation details Tim wanted?
  3. Assert. Any particular enthusiasm or next steps here?
  4. Linker refactor. Any initial comments?

Summary and logs[edit]

Meeting summary[edit]

  • Assert (sumanah, 21:22:06)

Meeting ended at 21:29:51 UTC.

Action items[edit]

Action items, by person[edit]

Full log[edit]