Architecture meetings/RFC review 2014-05-30

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19:00 UTC, Friday, 30 May, at #wikimedia-office connect.

Request for Comment to review[edit]


Summary and logs[edit]

Meeting started by sumanah at 19:00:03 UTC. The full logs are available at .

  • LINK: (sumanah, 19:00:41)
  • Extension registration (sumanah, 19:00:46)
    • LINK: (sumanah, 19:01:33)
    • post by Kunal ( legoktm ) about his RfC (sumanah, 19:02:04)
    • "Extensions register a lot of things, like classes, hooks, special pages, configuration options, and plenty more. Currently all of these are usually stored in the extension's main entry point ($IP/extensions/Foo/Foo.php)." (sumanah, 19:02:17)
    • "This creates two problems. First, it's difficult to tell what an extension is going to register without actually enabling the extension. Second, registration currently depends on global state ($wgHooks, $wgSpecialPages, etc.) which we are trying to move away from." (sumanah, 19:02:26)
    • "My proposal is that we store this information in a JSON file (I've provided an example on the RfC), and have MediaWiki read them when loading extensions. We would no longer use the current method of require_once "Foo.php";, but instead $wgEnableExtensions[] = 'foo';, and MediaWiki would take care of the rest." (sumanah, 19:02:34)
    • Today, Kunal (legoktm) wants to know first off, whether this is a good idea :-) and to resolve a "few things that came up on the talk page, including whether it's ok to require extensions to be in $IP/extensions, and if not, how to handle multiple locations, and different ways to cache" (sumanah, 19:02:51)
    • LINK: <-- under the "config" key (legoktm, 19:07:34)
    • AGREED: The directory containing the extensions should be configurable (to accommodate e.g. dev environments or packages), but it's reasonable to require all extensions be in the same directory (sumanah, 19:10:38)
    • Look into [12:10:51 PM] <RoanKattouw> Either we stop worrying about register_globals and start loving isset( $wgWhatever) (legoktm, 19:26:47)
    • it seems like we agree that this is not a terrible idea :-) (sumanah, 19:37:58)
    • people seem okay with duplication of trivial info (sumanah, 19:38:53)
    • <legoktm> I'll publish the JSON schema that parent5446 suggested in a few days so it should be clearer what exactly will be possible (sumanah, 19:46:20)

Meeting ended at 19:49:03 UTC.

People present (lines said)[edit]

  • sumanah (32)
  • gwicke (26)
  • legoktm (25)
  • RoanKattouw (24)
  • ^d (20)
  • aude (10)
  • Nikerabbit (7)
  • MatmaRex (6)
  • wm-labs-meetbot (4)
  • parent5446 (2)
  • ^demon|away (2)
  • mutante (1)
  • YuviPanda (1)

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