Architecture meetings/RFC review 2014-07-30

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22:00-23:00 UTC on 30 July 2014, at #wikimedia-office connect.

Requests for Comment to review[edit]

  1. Requests for comment/CentralNotice Caching Overhaul - Frontend Proxy

Summary and logs[edit]

Meeting summary[edit]

  • LINK: (sumanah, 22:00:19)
  • Future RFC stuff (sumanah, 22:00:38)
    • Please check out - Brad Jorsch is updating it 'as "notify people of upcoming changes", "chance for people to object to upcoming changes", and "todo list" all at once.' (sumanah, 22:00:47)
    • A reminder that I'm going on vacation in mid-August, and will take that opportunity to stop running these meetings and stop coordinating the process overall. I'm working with Rachel Farrand, Quim Gil, and the architecture committee to make sure stuff still happens. (sumanah, 22:01:15)
    • Next week there is no RfC meeting on IRC because of Wikimania. Are there specific topics that you want to discuss in an architecture meeting at Wikimania? (sumanah, 22:01:31)
    • marktraceur: I personally will be running the meeting on Aug 16 and then I will stop forever. I am working with others to ensure that the process keeps going. It may change. (sumanah, 22:02:25)
  • CentralNotice Caching Overhaul - Frontend Proxy RfC (sumanah, 22:04:37)
    • Today we're talking about Matt Walker's proposal to "have a static javascript blob, injected via skin hook, in every content namespace page that will call up to a special CentralNotice banner server". This has frontend caching implications. (sumanah, 22:04:43)
    • LINK: (sumanah, 22:05:04)
    • The RFC has evolved in the last few weeks. As Matt explained just before he updated it: "I'm going to unify the URL to; varnish will initially serve the request before forwarding that to a backend; I'll add a bit to talk about CSP and how I dont currently care about it w/ justification that the first load is REALLY important; I'm going to add a note on where the 200GB comes from" (sumanah, 22:05:31)
    • this is a followup to the meeting in October 2013 (sumanah, 22:05:58)
    • Matt is about to leave the Foundation so in today's meeting we want to clear up any Ops concerns so that Anne Gomez (Fundraising tech product manager atgo ), ejegg, Jeff_Green, AndyRussG, and others can carry on implementing it after Matt's gone (sumanah, 22:06:20)
    • discussion of ESI solution (sumanah, 22:29:06)
    • ESI is very broken with our currently deployed varnish; expected to be working for 4 upgrade but thta’s a ways off (brion, 22:30:49)
    • rfc proposal doesn’t fix “page bump” when banners are loaded, but reduces its delay by 1 RTT between client and server (brion, 22:32:27)
    • using JS blob now means a cache clear required for ESI transition later, but this bblack thinks it may be managable (especially if can be done gradually) (brion, 22:38:11)
    • alt proposal to put the banner code (node-backed?) directly on the main domain, bypassing the cookie bootstrapper js blob. use <script src async> (brion, 22:43:16)
    • we think <script src async> in <head> is ok. we think. (brion, 22:45:52)
    • per mwalker we can do the load below RL for added safety to avoid blocking (brion, 22:46:58)
    • AGREED: * hosting the banner generator on the main wiki domains (via a varnish proxy config?) (brion, 22:50:12)
    • AGREED: * using a consistent URL for those in <script src=“” async> (brion, 22:50:20)
    • AGREED: * possibly moving that script around to minimize issues (brion, 22:50:28)
    • AGREED: * with a general thought that ESI will be better someday, and we can then migrate towards using the same generator via ESI instead of JSONP (brion, 22:50:40)
    • ACTION: mwalker to revise RfC in agreed-upon directions (brion, 22:50:51)
    • need to know who’s point person once mwalker is gone (brion, 22:51:27)
    • LINK: (AndyRussG, 22:52:27)
    • ACTION: post-mwalker point person yet to be determined (brion, 22:52:47)
    • awight & AndyRussG assigned for stuff for the moment, but need folks to check in with on details :D (brion, 22:55:18)
    • and Roan can help with frontend caching & JS interaction (brion, 22:55:32)

Meeting ended at 22:55:49 UTC.

Action items[edit]

  • mwalker to revise RfC in agreed-upon directions
  • post-mwalker point person yet to be determined

Action items, by person[edit]

  • mwalker
    • mwalker to revise RfC in agreed-upon directions
    • post-mwalker point person yet to be determined

Full log[edit]