Wikimedia Technical Committee/Minutes/2020-09-23

The TechCom planning meeting is a weekly invite-only video discussion, generally held on Wednesday 13:00 USA Pacific Time.
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The minutes from TechCom's triage meeting on 2020-09-23.

Present: Tim S, Dan A, Daniel K, Niklas L, Timo T.

RFC: Parsoid Extension API[edit]

  • TS: on the basis of Subbu’s comment listing the different consultations, should go to last call.
  • TT: fine to put on last call
  • DK: no objections, doing
  • On Last Call to be approved on Oct 7.

RFC: Associated namespaces[edit]

  • DK: use cases mentioned easier to implement with MCR, suggest to close this RFC.
  • TT: some other theoretical use cases have also been covered by
  • TT: decline with last call?
  • DK: wouldn’t be opposed to it if someone needed it or would do the work, but does have merit, just no buy-in.
  • TT: currently, if something doesn’t get resourced, it just stays in P1.
  • On Last Call to be declined on Oct 7.

Next week IRC office hours[edit]

No IRC discussion scheduled for next week.