Wikimedia Technical Committee/Minutes/2020-09-16

The TechCom planning meeting is a weekly invite-only video discussion, generally held on Wednesday 13:00 USA Pacific Time.
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The minutes from TechCom's triage meeting on 2020-09-16.

Present: Daniel K, Dan A, Giuseppe L, Tim S, Timo T.

Links Recommendations Service[edit]

  • GL: Idea is to store a blob of wikitext for every page
  • What’s best practice for storing derived data that would be invalidated by every edit?
  • TS: similar to data pipelines like page content service
  • TS: similar to links tables
  • DK: have some kind of “slow” page_props.
  • TS: will lead to race conditions
  • GL: wikitext for every page may mean considerable volume
  • DK: might fit the generalized parser cache. Would have to be even more generalized.
  • DK: Dependency Engine may solve part of this, though not storage

EventStream needs timestamps[edit]

  • DA: EventStream needs timestamps, which some event hooks are missing.
  • Pass LogEntry objects to relevant hooks?
  • DK: adding parameters to hooks is a breaking interface change.
  • TS: hook deprecation mechanism should take care of this.
  • DA: ArticleDelete hook exposes it already, works well, getTimestamp. Can do for others.
  • TT: In light of T212482, be sure to type against a narrower getter-only interface as the set/save methods must not be used at that point.
  • DK: That’s a good idea also to enable async hooks, safe to serialize value objects. NonSerializable trait may be useful

Next week IRC office hours[edit]

No IRC discussion scheduled for next week.