Wikimedia Technical Committee/Minutes/2020-10-21

The TechCom planning meeting is a weekly invite-only video discussion, generally held on Wednesday 13:00 USA Pacific Time.
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The minutes from TechCom's triage meeting on 21 October 2020.

Present:  Dan A, Tim S, Timo T.

Should npm packages maintained by Wikimedia be scoped or unscoped?[edit]

  • NL: Still in inbox
  • TT: Seems companies do this both ways at times. Might not need a strict policy.
  • TS: Delegate to FSG?
  • TT: I'll ask Volker to bring it up in the next meeting.
  • Moved to Watching.

RFC: Bump Firefox version in basic support to 3.6 or newer[edit]

  • Moved to Last Call.

RFC: PHP microservice for containerized shell execution[edit]

  • Development is going right along. The basics have been figured out.
  • Still room for input on what the public interface of the MW service class would look like, and how e.g. an admin would write or generate the configuration for their Shellbox instance for the specific extensions they have  (E.g. Score requires additional commands to be registered  in the service).
  • Currently in P4. We should hear from e.g. Fandom and BlueSpice with any concerns to consider, or a confident signal that they're happy with this as it stands.

Next week IRC office hours[edit]

No IRC discussion scheduled for next week.