Wikimedia Technical Committee/Minutes/2020-05-20

The TechCom planning meeting is a weekly invite-only video discussion, generally held on Wednesday 13:00 USA Pacific Time.
See also TechCom-RFC workboard in Phabricator. (Private minutes)

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  • Discussed: Discussion re. `Trusted-Contributors` Gerrit group <> Added background information to the task and proposed documentation updates.
  • Discussed: RFC HTML element for inline media from wikitext <> Proposer agreed to include more information on the task, including filling out requirements, adding pros and cons, and selecting a proposed solution, before moving to the tuning phase.
  • Discussed: RFC Hybrid extension management <> Discussion continues around security issues with deactivated extensions.
  • On last call until 2020-05-27 at 20:00 UTC (13:00 PDT, 22:00 CEST): RFC Wikimedia Push Notification Service <>
  • No IRC discussion scheduled for next week