Wikimedia Technical Committee/Minutes/2020-07-01

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  • Moved from open to stalled: RFC Frontend build step <>
    • The question on the RFC was originally: How can we implement a build step? The discussion on the RFC has been centered around whether we should implement a build step. The authors are trying to address concerns to enable them to implement it since it’s an industry-wide practice.
    • This impacts security for the developers running insecure code on developer host machines, security for production (can be contained/network isolated), and security for the end-user (this isn’t just helping create commits or run tests, it modifies and adds code we sent to a billion people’s devices). Reproducing the same locally, in CI and prod. Workflow problems like cherry-pick and revert in production branches.
    • TechCom to continue discussing these topics with stakeholders
  • Moved from Inbox to In progress: Send regular overview about Wikimedia development policies <>
  • On last call ending July 8: RFC Amendment to the Stability interface policy <>
  • Ongoing discussion: RFC Hybrid extension management <>
  • No public IRC discussion scheduled for next week