Architecture meetings/RFC review 2014-05-21

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Time: 2100 UTC

Date: Wednesday, 21 May, 2014

Place: #wikimedia-office


To be discussed:

  1. Requests for comment/Typesafe enums
  2. Requests for comment/Square bounding boxes

Summary & logs[edit]

Meeting summary[edit]

  • typesafe enums (sumanah, 21:06:56)
    • LINK: (sumanah, 21:06:59)
    • Andrew Russell Green calls this "a facility that I've found really useful so far, and is used in other stuff that we'd like to propose moving to core :)" (sumanah, 21:07:04)
    • AndyRussG today seeks "I guess a general path forward for any changes required to merge this to core, or an opinion on the feasability threof" (sumanah, 21:07:22)
    • Andrew says: "I'm sure there are improvements to be made (for example, see MWalker's suggestions on the talk page), so if we can consider what would need to be done, and end up with something really nice that improves MW code quality, I think that'd be fantastic" (sumanah, 21:07:31)
    • LINK: - there have been some questions/discussion on the mailing list by hashar & ^d & others (sumanah, 21:08:09)
    • (AndyRussG, 21:13:59)
    • AGREED: not gonna use SplEnum - it’s not available by default (brion, 21:23:49)
    • ACTION: AndyRussG to benchmark setup and access performance (TimStarling, 21:24:50)
  • square bounding boxes redux (sumanah, 21:25:25)

Meeting ended at 22:12:42 UTC.

Action items[edit]

  • AndyRussG to benchmark setup and access performance
  • expected to be +2'd
  • cscott will work with greg-g to ensure no deployment hiccups
  • cscott will write a script to pre-generate thumbnails that will change size, to avoid scaler load
  • cscott to do some git archeology to figure out the original author of upright, so that we can include him/her in the discussion
  • cscott to run the statistics and find out how many images would change size if we just ignored 'upright' entirely.

Full log[edit]