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Nykyinen versio

  • Tämä on .tar.gz-tiedosto.
  • It is advised not to use 7-Zip to decompress the tarball, due to a bug with the PAX format.
  • MacOS users should note The Unarchiver has a bug which corrupts filenames in this archive.
Archive Utility can be used.
  • Note: the last stable release does not contain all bug fixes to the stable branch: you can try its last snapshot, but almost surely not all the fixes for the known bugs in the stable release have yet been included in such snapshot.


MediaWiki is free software licensed under version 2 of the GNU General Public License. Because MediaWiki is licensed free of charge, there is no warranty, to the extent permitted by applicable law. Read the full text of the GNU GPL version 2 for details.


MediaWiki requires PHP 7.3.19+ and either MySQL 5.5.8+, MariaDB, or one of the other two possible stores. For more information, please read the pages on system requirements and compatibility.

Varoitus Varoitus: MediaWiki is not compatible with PHP 7.4.0 to 7.4.2 due to an upstream bug. Use PHP 7.4.3 or later instead. See task T246594 for more information.

Lataa sen sijaan Git:istä

MediaWikin aktiivisten kehittäjien tulisi ladata MediaWiki-ohjelmiston uusin versio Gitistä tämän sivun sijaan. Git-varastossa on aikaisempia ohjelmistoversioita, joten on mahdollista vaihtaa ("check out") tiettyyn julkaisuun.

Allekirjoitetut lataukset


Tuki Microsoft SQL Serverille ja Oracle Databaselle, HHVM:lle ja PHP-versioille 7.0 ja 7.1 on lopetettu versiossa MediaWiki 1.34 .

Vaihtoehtoja manuaaliselle asennukselle

Some users may prefer to skip manual installation by using a pre-integrated MediaWiki software appliance or hosting services; repositories of some distros also increasingly offer packages for MediaWiki, with different degrees of frequency and extensions coverage (e.g. Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo).

Mitä seuraavaksi?

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Vanhat julkaisut

If your MediaWiki installation is heavily modified, it may be difficult to incorporate the latest official changes/updates to MediaWiki. To support such users, we maintain old branches of our code for up to a year for the legacy release and up to three years for the legacy long term support release.


Jos haluat käyttää uusinta kehitysversiota (eli alfaversiota), voit joko ladata sen tiedostona mediawiki-master.tar.gz tai Gitistä.

From Git you can either download the complete repository (about 528 MiB)

git clone

or the latest revision only (about 85 MiB; this is often called a shallow clone: less time and smaller downloads).


git clone --depth 1

Voit myös katsoa viimeisin lähdekoodi selaimessasi.

Vanhat julkaisut

Tarrapallot (tiedostopääte "*".tar.gz) kaikista MediaWiki-versioista maaliskuusta 2005 lähtien (aikaisin versio MediaWiki 1.3.11) löytyvät MediaWiki-latausarkistosta.

To browse, including even older versions, see the tags of the Git repository.



  1. This could cause reference problems when you later use "git pull" to upgrade your shallow clone and the newer revision refers to older revisions which are not yet downloaded to your system. In such a case you can simply download more - increase the depth value - or all revisions later, or make a fresh shallow clone.

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