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The purpose of this page is to collect information and experiences about running MediaWiki on PostgreSQL.

MediaWiki supports PostgreSQL since 1.7. See task T2384 for a list of issues. MediaWiki requires PostgreSQL 9.0 or later, and PG database support enabled in PHP.

Most of the common maintenance scripts work with PostgreSQL however some of the more obscure ones might have problems.

Is PostgreSQL a good choice for MediaWiki?[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia uses MySQL so MediaWiki gets more testing on MySQL than PostgreSQL. While support for PostgreSQL is maintained by volunteers, most core functionality is working.

MediaWiki database migration[edit | edit source]

From MySQL to PostgreSQL[edit | edit source]

The MWDumper tool might help.

There is also a perl script in maintenance/postgres, but there is uncertainty whether it works.

From PostgreSQL to MySQL[edit | edit source]

This is generally not recommended as converting from Postgres data types back to MySQL is not as simple an operation as the reverse. There are however some scripts which may work.

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