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Details[edit source]

importDump.php file is a maintenance script to import XML dump files into the current wiki. It reads pages from an XML file as produced from Special:Export or dumpBackup.phpManual:DumpBackup.php, and saves them into the current wiki.

In case you get an error "failed to open stream: No such file or directory", make sure that the specified file does exist and that PHP has access to it.

Examples[edit source]

php importDump.php --conf ../LocalSettings.php /path_to/dumpfile.xml.gz wikidb


php importDump.php < dumpfile.xml

Options[edit source]

Option/Parameter Description
--report Report position and speed after every n pages processed.
--namespaces Import only the pages from namespaces belonging to the list of pipe-separated namespace names or namespace indexes.
--dry-run Parse dump without actually importing pages.
--debug Output extra verbose debug information.
--uploads Process file upload data if included (experimental).
--no-updates Disable link table updates. Is faster but leaves the wiki in an inconsistent state. Run rebuildall.phpManual:Rebuildall.php after the import to correct the link table.
--image-base-path Import files from a specified path.

Notes[edit source]

For very large data sets, importDump.php may be slow; there are alternate methods which can be much faster for full site restoration, see Manual:Importing XML dumpsManual:Importing XML dumps.

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