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This page is a translated version of the page Manual:ImportDump.php and the translation is 3% complete.

importDump.php file is a maintenance script to import XML dump files into the current wiki. It reads pages from an XML file as produced from Special:Export or dumpBackup.php , and saves them into the current wiki.

In case you get an error "failed to open stream: No such file or directory", make sure that the specified file does exist and that PHP has access to it.


php importDump.php --conf ../LocalSettings.php /path_to/dumpfile.xml.gz


php importDump.php < dumpfile.xml


Option/Parameter Description
--report Report position and speed after every n pages processed.
--namespaces Import only the pages from namespaces belonging to the list of pipe-separated namespace names or namespace indexes.
--dry-run Parse dump without actually importing pages.
--debug Output extra verbose debug information.
--uploads Process file upload data if included (experimental).
--no-updates Disable link table updates. Is faster but leaves the wiki in an inconsistent state. Run rebuildall.php after the import to correct the link table.
--image-base-path Import files from a specified path.
--skip-to Start from the given page number, by skipping first n-1 pages.
--username-prefix Adds a prefix to usernames. Due to this bug it may be necessary to specify --username-prefix="" when importing files.


For very large data sets, importDump.php may be slow; there are alternate methods which can be much faster for full site restoration, see Manual:Importing XML dumps .

Since MediaWiki 1.29 (задача T144600), importDump.php doesn't update statistics. You should run initSiteStats.php manually after the import to update page and revision counts.


If errors occur when importing files, it may be necessary to use the --username-prefix option.

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