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Phabricator adalah sebuah platform pengembangan perangkat lunak sumber terbuka. Di Wikimedia, Phabricator digunakan untuk manajemen proyek, pelaporan kekutu perangkat lunak dan permintaan fitur (lihat Bagaimana melaporkan kesalahan / kerusakanHow to report a bug), dan di masa depan juga untuk memeriksa kode secara terpadu.

Kunjungi Wikimedia Phabricator

Migrasi ke Phabricator hampir selesai. Lihat halaman kronologi untuk informasi lebih lengkap


Ikhtisar dokumentasi Wikimedia Phabricator

If you have questions, check the Help page. Your questions are very welcome.

You can also watch a screencast about handling tasks/bugs.

First missions include

For Phabricator support and camaraderie, join #wikimedia-devtoolsconnect.

Weekly update / maintenance window[edit]

Phabricator doesn't have releases, and therefore it is up to us to decide how close do we want to follow the upstream version. There is a weekly window for updates and other maintenance tasks on Wednesdays at 5:00PM Pacific (Thursday Midnight, 0:00 UTC) (check your timezone) and users will get redirected to Phabricator/Maintenance. We don't necessarily update Phabricator every week, but we reserve this window to use as needed, usually twice per month, depending on the urgency of outstanding bugs fixed upstream. The expected downtime during this window is between 0 and 30 minutes.

For specific bugs and changes, query for resolved tasks of the latest update date under "Milestones" and check the corresponding latest upstream Changelog items.

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