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The Contributors team of the Wikimedia Foundation's Audiences department works on extending and improving tools for editing, collaboration, and communication, as well as related infrastructure such as parsing. We exist to support new and existing editors alike across desktop, tablet, and phone platforms.

Progress on the annual plan

Annual Program, Outcome Annual Objective Current work Dependency Status
3: Increase device support for editing Improve and consolidate our unified editing platform so that it's great on all devices We're going to update the desktop and mobile performance analyses of the visual editor paired with new ones of the 2017 and 2010 wikitext editors, determine and set performance benchmarks for these editing environments, and identify and plan out any actionable performance improvements based on this work.

We're working to complete the conversion of CX editing surface to use VE platform. Once this is done, we will deploy Content Translation for all users on a wiki following any community requests.

We rolled out a second beta of the VE wikitext edit mode, and will keep working on improvements to that system.

Community Liaisons In progress In progress
In emerging communities, engagement and number of participants increases, and the proportion of mobile contributions continues its strong growth. Invest in our future by researching a radically better multi-lingual content system (both reading and editing), compatible across all devices No active work planned right now.
Collaborate with Reading to create new mechanisms by which to contribute edits with lower context or in small ways on mobile devices No active work planned right now. Community Liaisons


Maintain editing technologies with very high up-time for all our users. Reduce product and technical debt to modernise our tools and technologies, and to make future changes more effective and efficient On-going maintenance.

We will remove the 2006 wikitext editor entirely.

Community Liaisons and Tech/News volunteers In progress In progress
Modernise user interface technologies to encompass mobile and desktop platforms, with continued work on the Wikimedia-wide adoption of a standard Web user interface library We converted Special:Preferences to use OOUI, and are exploring options for providing that page on mobile (instead of the current limited, custom design). 

We're also researching and defining requirements for responsive toolbars – both, design and technical – resulting in a final design in regard to upcoming products usage, in VisualEditor and elsewhere.

Community Liaisons


Audiences Design

In progress In progress
Support work towards unifying MediaWiki's parser implementations, in liaison with Technology's MediaWiki team We're pursuing work to switch from Tidy to RemexHtml in Wikimedia production, with announcements and the ParserMigration and Linter tools to support community members fixing issues, which we are monitoring. We have switched a number of early wikis over to validate the tools and find any remaining issues before the larger push.

We will continue the parser output compatibility improvements. Support for multi-script wikis (like Chinese) is complete for initial editing and reading needs; more is underway.

We've paused our work on providing a system to balance templates, due to competing concerns, and on reducing the bandwidth demands of read-mode pages by moving data-mw out of inline HTML.

Community Liaisons

MediaWiki team

In progress In progress
4: New editor success Expand and deepen our understanding of the experiences of new editors in emerging communities based on generative research We will produce a prioritised list of possible interventions based on the New Editor Experiences project and generative research for wider discussion and then selection. Community Liaisons

Audience Design

In progress In progress
In emerging communities, increase the retention of new editors, and the quality of their contributions. Improve, adjust, or create features geared at the needs identified in the research project. The features will be chosen based on research outcomes, but likely will be aimed at the following:
  • Providing better contextual guidance to new users facing social or technical obstacles during the editing process (such as a perceived lack of permission to edit, a lack of understanding of citations and linking, or a desire for real-time assistance)
  • Better supporting existing editors in mentoring and nurturing new users (such as by improving communications, helping identify good-faith newcomers, or helping new users express their interests and needs)
No active work planned right now.
5: Increase current editor retention and engagement Develop a deeper understanding of how communities share, surface, and select contribution tasks on their wikis by researching community-built systems, especially focused on larger wikis  We will create a prioritized shortlist of ideas for features that address the needs identified in our research, prioritizing interventions that reduce backlogs and increase participation most. Said features will support users by surfacing recommendations, possibly personalised to their activities and interests. Begin planning at least one project that can be executed this year.
Recommend where new and tenured users can contribute Improve, adjust, or create features geared at the needs identified in our research. The features will be decided upon based on the findings, but will likely be aimed at the following:
  • Supporting users by surfacing recommendations with community-wide contribution tasks, such as in a dashboard
  • Provide users with recommendations for contribution tasks personalised to their activity and interests
No active work planned right now.
Give better ways to monitor contributions Apply the new recent changes filters technology with Machine Learning to other contexts like watchlists and history pages We rolled out the recent changes filters from beta to all users on all wikis. The beta now also makes the filters available on users' watchlist.

We're continuing to support any new wikis taking on use of ORES.

We are improving our tool giving users visual diffs inside the visual editor. This lets editors see the changes they and others have made without needing to know the intricacies of wikitext, augmenting the current two-column wikitext diff interface. We're making improvements we've identified. A very early version of providing the visual diffs on diff pages is currently undergoing initial testing, letting users choose which diffs in any context.

Community Liaisons In progress In progress
Improve the productivity of tenured editors through fixing long-standing issues with change-monitoring tools, in collaboration with Community Tech No active work planned right now. Community Liaisons

Community Tech

Provide better workflow and communication experiences Evaluate initial opportunities for improving common workflows, consolidating and updating all the existing research on on-wiki behaviors No active work planned right now.
Improve structured discussion features for the communities that use them, based on user feedback and prioritising technical debt We have triaged the list of planned changes to Structured Discussions, sequenced them for they year, and begun work.

We are reduce the product debt in the structured discussion front end, replacing it with the accessible, consistent framework used elsewhere.

We will let editors search on-board for structured discussion posts and topics, and in the standard wiki-wide search form.

Community Liaisons In progress In progress



Discussion about major things happens on the ​wikitech-l mailing list. For specific IRC channels, see the team subpages linked above.

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