Contributors/FY2016 Retrospectives



  • Identify factors that are sustaining the department's delivery of value to the movement
  • Identify factors that are hindering the department's delivery of value
  • Make plans to support key factors (maintain the helpful factors, change the hindering factors)
  • Answer the question: did we succeed at what we set out to do in FY2016?


Agenda for team retrospectives[edit]

  • review key events and results over the time period
    • Chronological review
    • Phabricator data analysis
  • identify things that went well and should be preserved
  • identify things that should be changed
  • Vote on the things to figure out which ones are most important
  • Discuss those, including identify followup actions (to be reviewed at the next retro)

Team Retrospectives[edit]

To be completed by 22 July 2016.

Department Retrospective[edit]

Department Retrospective Minutes.