Wikimedia Hackathon 2015


Lyon, France, 23-25 May

Valpré-Lyon (location: Google Map, OSM)

» Friday May 22:

Arrival & Registration

» Saturday May 23:

All-day hacking

» Sunday May 24:

All-day hacking
Night event: tba

»Monday May 25:

All-day hacking


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Lessons Learned from Wikimedia Hackathon 2015

Meet the Wikimedia Tech community. Learn about the technologies and projects powering Wikipedia and thousands of MediaWikis. Propose or join a demo-able project to hack on during the event. Developers new to Wikimedia and tech-curious editors are welcome! Just bring your laptop, ideas, and energy to contribute. Please see /Program.


This is a hackathon open to any activities related to MediaWiki and Wikimedia tech. To submit your proposal for hacking, training, or meeting, just create a task describing your idea (help).

Main areas[edit]

These areas have a critical mass of contributors confirmed, and proposals for hacking, training, and meeting:

Activities confirmed[edit]

Training sessions and meetings are scheduled in the Hackathon Program.

There are many proposals of demoable projects under development at the Wikimedia Hackathon 2015 project in Phabricator. Below you have a non-exhaustive list of activities confirmed (please link to the related Phabricator task):

Projects welcoming newcomers[edit]

Projects for experienced contributors[edit]

Venue and accommodation[edit]

The venue and accommodation will be both at the same site: Valpré-Lyon, France. One main hall, two conference rooms and several small workshop room rooms will be available to us, plus a nice yard. We have a big main conference hall and three workshop rooms.

Accommodation will be on the upper floors and in an adjacent building. There will be three types of rooms :

  • Single rooms
  • Twin rooms (with two or occasionally three beds)
  • Double rooms (with a bed for two people)

Accommodation is booked as part of the registration. The accomodation prices are total, from the 22 to the 26, and also include the catering (ie all the meals, breakfast, lunch, supper and some coffee/soft drinks). The whole venue is accessible to wheelchairs.

Early arrival. If you arrive at lyon early, you can find meals at Lyon from 7 € (kebab), 10 € (on budget), 15-25 € (pizzerias and restaurant). Hotel breakfasts are generally invoiced 12 €, but you can buy for 3 to 6 € some breads and viennoiseries in a bakery.

Valpré Lyon
1 Chemin de Chalin, 69130 Écully
04 72 18 05 05
45°46'37.8"N 4°47'27.4"E
45.777179, 4.790948

Valpré is rooted in the history of Lyon: the castle and the farm date back to 1680, before being rebuilt in 1870. In 1947 the religious congregation of the Catholic Church of the Augustinians of the Assumption, called Assomptionnists acquired this property. A building was created in 1952 to form religious youth.

From 1970 Valpré became the location for associations, church movements and professional groups.

In 1997, a complete renovation of buildings and structures was achieved.

Other places[edit]

There are some hotels and hostels close to Valpré if anyone wants to arrive or leave a bit earlier. Of course, you can directly book at Valpré.

Or in these other places that are all less than 2km from Valpré:

If anyone wants to continue the trip in France, you can send all your travel questions at We'll be glad to help you discover the most beautiful country in the world. ;)

Public transportation strike on Friday[edit]

Bad news if you arrive on Friday: TCL (Lyon's public transportation network) will be on strike on Friday. I know it sounds like a bad joke on French clichés, but this is really happening.

To sum up : almost none of the metro lines will work, and bus lines will be disturbed. There will be no public transportation at all after 19:30. So, Uber will be much more in demand than planned and they'll apply a important multiplicator which will makes the cost much more important and so this not a good option anymore (especially if you arrive at the airport.)

We will do our best to put other transport options (like grouped taxis) but we need the exact time of arrival.

So for all people arriving on Friday:

  • If you arrive before 10:00 or after 19:00, we advise you to take a taxi by your own. Ask for "Valpré" in the town of Écully.
  • if you arrive at the Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airport between 10:00 and 19:00, people will guide you (check for people with "Wikimédia France" or "Hackathon staff" tee-shirts at Terminal 2) and order taxis for small groups of people to reduce the cost... so, if you arrive at the airport, please fill this form:
  • If you arrive at an airport in Paris and take a train to Lyon : your train from the airport will work normally and you should arrive in Lyon Part-Dieu, so please check next line.
  • If you arrive at the main train station between 10:00 and 19:00, do *not* take the metro. The bus itinerary shown in the video (bus C3 to hotel de Ville then bus 19) should work, but the TCL hotline suggests another itinerary : Line C6 from "Lyon Part-Dieu" map to "Centre social Sauvegarde" map (30 minute ride) and then bus 19 to the "Valpré" stop (2 minutes ride, direction "Hôtel de Ville") The reason for this change is that bus line C3 and C6 should work as usual, but line 19 is expected to have a slow functioning, with only one bus every 20 minutes - taking the C6 instead of the C3 would limit the time spent on the bus 19 (or if you want, you can skip it entirely, but it is a 1,3 km/20 min walk..)


See /Program.


See Buddies for a list of existing and possible pairing buddies.

Read more about pairing buddies


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  12. Dmitry (dbrant)
  13. ~ Seb35 [^_^]
  14. Petrb (Petr Bena / petan)
  15. Daniel Kinzler (WMDE) (talk)
  16. KLans (WMF)
  17. Arthur Richards
  18. Dan Garry, Wikimedia Foundation (talk)
  19. Lydia Pintscher (WMDE)
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