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Tony Thomas (tonythomas)
Tony Thomas (tonythomas)
GSoC'16 and Outreachy'12 org admin, Wikimedia Foundation
Where there is a WiFi, there is a way!

About me

I am currently pursuing my masters in Internet Technology and Architecture from Technische Universtitat, Berlin and had completed my Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from Amrita Univeristy, India. I was also an active member of the FOSS Community there, FOSS@Amrita, and sadly, loves to sit in a lab.

The beauty of Wikimedia community keeps me working with them. I could mentor and help many of my friends to do their first Contributions.

Community Involvements

  • Organization admin with Sumit Asthana for Outreachy'13 with Wikimedia Foundation
  • Mentored for GSoC 2016 with Tyler Romeo.
  • Mentored for Google Code in 2014 and 2015
  • Mentored the Newsletter extension project for GSoC 2015 with Quim Gil
  • Organization admin with Niharika Kohli for Gnome Outreachy'11 round for Wikimedia Foundation
  • Organization admin for GSoC 2016 + Outreachy'12 with Sumit.iitp

My work

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Meetup Experiences


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