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Tony Thomas (tonythomas)
Tony Thomas (tonythomas)
Member, CoC for Wikimedia Technical Spaces
past GSoC/Outreachy student + mentor + org_admin with Wikimedia Foundation

About me

I am currently pursuing my masters in Internet Technology and Architecture from Technische Universtitat, Berlin and had completed my Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from Amrita Univeristy, India. I am mostly sedentary but tell me about interesting things and I can be more fun to be around.

Also starting May 2017, works as a Web Backend Developer at 3YOURMIND, Berlin on Python-Django.

Community Involvements

  • Proposed Wikimedia Code of Conduct Member (2017-)
  • Organization admin for GSoC 2016 + Outreachy {11-13} with Wikimedia Foundation
  • Mentored for GSoC 2016 with Tyler Romeo.
  • Mentored for Google Code In 2014-16
  • Mentored the Newsletter extension project for GSoC 2015 with Quim Gil

Contact me